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Racism and Anti-Racism Resources


Racism Science & Tools

CRMH Director worked alongside fellow authors (Ford, Bruce & Gilbert) to write the first-of-its kind book entitled, “Racism: Science & Tools for the Public Health Professional.” This important publication builds on the racial health equity work that public health advocates and others have been doing for decades. They have documented the existence of health inequities and have combatted health inequities stemming from racism. This book, which targets racism directly and includes the word squarely in its title, marks an important shift in the field's antiracism struggle for racial health equity. It is intended for use in a wide range of settings including health departments, schools, and in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors where public health professionals work. It will also benefit students still in training and will also serve as a practical reference text for courses and workshops. In this way, this book anticipates acting as a bridge connecting public health professionals, students, community members, as well as policymakers.


Peer-Reviewed Articles

The CRMH has strived to expand the research and available literature that focuses on health equity and the intersectionality of gender and race. The articles below are great resources to learn more and join the conversation: 

2015 - 2020:

Griffith, D.M. & Semlow, A.R. (2020). Art, Anti-Racism and Health Equity: “Don’t ask me why, ask me how!” Ethnicity & Disease, 30(3), 373-380.

Smith, J.A., Watkins, D.C. & Griffith, D.M. (2020). Equity, gender and health: New directions for global men’s health promotion. Health Promotion Journal of Australia31(2), 161-165.  

Williams, D.R. & Griffith, D.M. (2019). “We just haven’t put our minds to it”: An Interview with David Williams describing the trajectory of his career studying racism. In C.L. Ford, D.M. Griffith

Came, H. & Griffith, D. (2018). Tackling racism as a wicked public health problem: Enabling allies in anti-racism praxis. Social Science & Medicine, 199, 181-188

Hartfield, J.A., Griffith, D.M., & Bruce, M.A. (2018). Gendered racism is a key to explaining and addressing police-involved shootings of unarmed Black men in America. In M.A. Bruce, & D.F. Hawkins (Eds.), Inequality, Crime, and Health among African American Males, Volume 20 (pp. 155-170). Book Series: Research in Race and Ethnic Relations. Boston, MA: Emerald Group Publishing Limited. 

Singh, S., Schulz, A.J., Neighbors, H.W. & Griffith, D.M. (2017). Interactive Effect of Immigration-Related Factors with Legal and Discrimination Acculturative Stress in Predicting Depression Among Asian American Immigrants. Community Mental Health Journal, 53(6), 638-646. 

Thorpe, Jr., R.J., Griffith, D.M., Bruce, M.A., Brown L. (2017). Addressing Racism's Effects on African American Males from the Womb to the Classroom. In N. Finigan-Carr (Ed.). Linking Health and Education for African American Students' Success. (pp. 13-26). New York: Routledge.

 Gilbert, K.L., Ray, R., Siddiqi, A., Shetty, S., Baker, E.A., Elder, K. & Griffith, D.M. (2016). Visible and invisible trends in African American men’s health: Pitfalls and promises for addressing racial, ethnic and gender health inequities. Annual Review of Public Health, 37, 295-311.

Griffith, D.M. (2015). “I AM a Man”: Manhood, minority men’s health and health equity. Ethnicity & Disease, 25(3), 287-293. Focus – Minority Men’s Health.


2010 - 2015:

Griffith, D.M. & Johnson, J.L.  (2012). Implications of Racism for African American Men’s Cancer Risk, Morbidity and Mortality. In H.M. Treadwell, C. Xanthos & K.B. Holden (Eds.), Social Determinants of Health among African-American Men. (pp. 21-38)San Francisco: Wiley.

Griffith, D.M., Metzl, J.M., & Gunter, K. (2011). Considering Intersections of Race and Gender in Interventions That Address U.S. Men's Health Disparities. Public Health, 125(7), 417-423. Mini-symposium on men’s health. 

Griffith, D.M., Yonas, M., Mason, M., & Havens, B. (2010). Considering Organizational Factors in Addressing Healthcare Disparities: Two Case Examples. Health Promotion Practice, 11(3), 367-376. 

Griffith, D.M., Johnson, J., Ellis, K., Schulz, A.J. (2010). Cultural Context and a Critical Approach to Eliminating Health Disparities. Ethnicity and Disease, 20(1), 71-76.

Griffith, D.M., Schulz, A.J., Johnson, J.*** & Herbert, K.  (2010). Implications of racism for Black Americans' diabetes management and outcomes. In L. Jack (Ed.), Diabetes in Black America: Public Health and Clinical Solutions to a National Crisis. (pp. 252-271). Munster, IN: Hilton Publishing. 


Earlier than 2010:

Neighbors, H.W., Griffith, D.M., & Carty, D.  (2008). Racism. Encyclopedia of the Life Course and Human Development. Farmington Hills, MI: Gale Cengage.

Ryan, A. Gee, G., & Griffith, D.M. (2008). The Effects of Perceived Discrimination on Diabetes Management. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 19, 149-163.

Griffith, D.M., Mason, M., Yonas, M., Eng, E., Jeffries, V., Plihcik, S., & Parks, B. (2007). Dismantling Institutional Racism: Theory and Action. American Journal of Community Psychology,  39(3-4), 381-392.

Griffith, D.M., Childs, E.L., Eng, E., & Jeffries, V. (2007). Racism in Organizations: The Case of a County Public Health Department. Journal of Community Psychology35(3), 291-306.

Yonas, M.A., Jones, N., Eng, E., Vines, A., Aronson, R., Griffith, D.M., White, B., & DuBose, M. (2006). The Art and Science of Integrating Undoing Racism with CBPR: Arriving at a Common Language and NIH Funding to Investigate Cancer Care and Racial Equity. The Journal of Urban Health,  83(6):1004-1012.

Watts, R.J., Griffith, D.M., & Abdul-Adil, J. (1999). Sociopolitical development as an antidote for oppression: Theory and action. American Journal of Community Psychology27(2), 255-271. 



Listen, engage and join the conversation.

APHA webinar series: Advancing Racial Equity


Webinars featuring Dr. Derek Griffith as a panelist:

7/15/20 - Public Health in the COVID Era: Community Driven Response + Equity-Driven Changes

6/12/20 - Beneath the Masks: Men, Masculinities & COVID-19 Disparities 

6/4/20 - Racism, Health and Health Care: Where do we go from here? 

5/27/20 - Racial Disparities in COVID-19:A Public Health perspective and Local Response  

5/21/20 - How Racial Injustice Creates Health Inequities 



Griffith, D.M. (2020, March). Art, Anti-Racism and African Americans: How do we find a way out of no way?  Invited Fireside Chat as part of Te Tiriti-based Futures & Anti-racism 2020. The conference was organized by STIR: Stop Institutional Racism, Te Rau Ora, Action Station and a diverse network of Māori Tiriti educators and activists and hosted by Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Whātua in Tāmaki Makaurau. Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

Griffith, D.M. (2020, March). How Racial Injustice Creates Health Inequities. Invited Panel at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Fifth Annual Sharing Knowledge Conference: Racial Justice and Health. The conference was organized in collaboration with AcademyHealth/National Collaborative for Health Equity. Jackson, MS. 

Griffith, D.M. (2020, January). What do dental public health professionals need to know about racism as a public health issue? Keynote address at the 4th annual American Institute of Dental Public Health Colloquium: Confronting Inequality through Oral Health Policy. San Antonio, TX. 


Other Online Courses & Trainings