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American Psychological Association

APA Working Group on Health Disparities in Boys and Men

apa working group


Dr. Griffith is a member of the APA Working Group on Health Disparities in Boys and Men. The group's mission is to explore common, long-standing patterns of social marginalization and stigmatization experiences that have uniquely compromised health, safety and well-being. 


Division 51 Presidential Initiative and BrainTrust

division 51 - braintrust

"Division 51 seeks to recognize and promote pathways for boys and men to live healthy and positive lives, and also to identify and redress the effects of restrictive masculinities. We do this through psychological science, education, advocacy, and clinical practice. In doing so we aim to promote equality for people of all genders." Dr. Griffith is a part of the 2020 Presidential Initiative and BrainTrust focused on advancing health equity among boys and men of color.


Division 51 Virtual Gatherings and Webinars

uconn webinars

Dr. Griffith is regularly a speaker at Division 51 virtual gatherings and webinars. Visit their website to view past webinars, and visit CRMH social media (Facebook Twitter , Instagram)  accounts for information about future virtual gatherings and webinars.