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Mighty Men: A Faith-Based Weight Loss Intervention to Reduce Cancer Disparities

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Principle Investigator:
Derek M. Griffith, PhD

Funding Source:     American Cancer Society 

Funding Period: 7/1/2016 - 6/30/2020

Mechanism: Cancer Control and Prevention: Psychosocial and Behavioral Research

Location: Atlanta, GA

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Project Summary 

Mighty Men is a 6-month faith-based weight-loss intervention for obese African American men 35-74 years old. This project aims to use tailored goals and messages alongside self-monitoring techniques and small group training and community resources to increase perceived efficacy and encourage healthy behavior changes. The main goal of this study is to produce and maintain weight loss by focusing on increasing physical activity level and healthy eating among participating men.

This study is currently recruiting participants. 

 For more information about Mighty Men, click here to check out a brief video overview!