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Mighty Men: A Faith-Based Weight Loss Intervention to Reduce Cancer Disparities




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NOTICE:  At this time, all research-related activities for the Mighty Men program are postponed.

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What is Mighty Men?

  • Mighty Men is a 6-month faith-based weight-loss intervention for obese African American men 35-74 years old. It includes weekly meetings of small group sessions for men to engage in exercise or health education. Mighty Men is based in Nashville, TN, and Atlanta, GA.
  • The main goal of Mighty Men is to help men lose weight and maintain weight loss by focusing on increasing weekly levels of exercise and leisure-time physical activity.
  • In addition to weekly small group sessions, the project also uses tailored goals and SMS text messages to encourage healthy behavior changes.
  • This study is currently actively involved with faith-based organizations in Nashville, TN and the metro Atlanta, GA area.

Why are we doing Mighty Men?

  • African American men have the 2nd highest rate of obesity among men.
  • African American men have the highest rates of dying from colon, lung, and aggressive prostate cancer, all of which are related to high rates of obesity.
  • Few programs have focused on weight loss, physicial activity and diet change specifically for African American men.
  • Studies have not collectively incorporated values, faith and health.

Why is a faith-based approach important?

  • Knowledge is not enough for all men to make lifestyle changes; often men need support and motivation to change and maintain healthy behavior.
  • Faith, friends and family are important sources of motivation for men.
  • Churches are a pillar in the African American community, and places where men can engage in fellowship and motivate one another to be healthier.

 For even more information about Mighty Men, click here to check out a brief video overview!


Funding Information:

Principal Investigator: Derek M. Griffith, PhD

Funding Source:     American Cancer Society 

Funding Period: 7/1/2016 - 6/30/2020

Mechanism: Cancer Control and Prevention: Psychosocial and Behavioral Research

Location: Nashville, TN and Atlanta, GA

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