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CNGR BuildingThe Office of Community, Neighborhood, and Government Relations (CNGR) sustains Vanderbilt's relationships with the community.

We work with students, faculty, staff, and administration throughout the university to promote policy initiatives and to leverage Vanderbilt resources.

As a public access point for the community, we are both proactive and responsive in supporting Vanderbilt's mission of teaching, research, public service and health care initiatives.

For facts about what Vanderbilt is doing across Tennessee, see our interactive map: Vanderbilt in Tennessee: County by County Connections


We build support, alignment and loyalty to Vanderbilt by developing and leveraging our strategic relationships with community leaders and policy makers. By being collaborative and nimble, we influence public policy in a way that furthers the University’s mission of teaching, research and service.


We will give customers and their needs our highest priority
We will take responsibility to find a solution to any problem or complaint
We will provide excellent and professional service
We will treat others as we wish to be treated
We will positively impact everyone and everything we touch
We will continuously evaluate and improve our performance 

The Nashville Transit Plan

View videos from our four-part transit series.  Program presented by: Office of Community, Neighborhood, & Government Relations and Vanderbilt Center for Transportation and Operational Resiliency (VECTOR).

What is Nashville's Transit Plan?
Emerging Mobility Technologies: Enabler, Disrupter, Both?
Additional Perspectives of The Nashville Transit Plan
The Nashville Transit Plan: It Is Decision Time