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Meet Our Staff

Lisa Clapper, MSW, LCSW, CCM

Lisa Clapper is the Director of the Student Care Network and Student Care Coordination at Vanderbilt University. She earned her Master of Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from Butler University. Lisa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Case Manager. She brings several years of experience coordinating medical and mental health care for diverse populations, along with in-depth knowledge of health insurance, and well-being coaching. Lisa values the importance of proactively identifying challenges, barriers, and goals and working collaboratively with students to coordinate the best possible care to address their needs. Her approach to working with students is strengths-based, seeking to understand and develop the strengths and capabilities our students already possess in a way that empowers them to take a positive lead in their own care. Outside of work, Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband and cat, reading as much as she can, and ticking more boxes on her travel bucket list.


Hannah Clark, MSW, LCSW
Associate Director, CARE Support and Intervention

Hannah Clark is an Assistant Director in Student Care Coordination at Vanderbilt University. She earned her Master of Social Work with an emphasis on clinical work in mental health from Boston College and her Bachelor of Social Work from Lipscomb University. Hannah is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She brings years of experience providing crisis intervention assessments and clinical counseling, as well as coordinating mental health care resources in residential treatment facilities and hospital settings. Hannah values utilizing a strengths-based approach with students in order to empower them to reach their full potential. She is passionate about viewing students in the context of their environment as well as incorporating the students’ identity into problem-solving in order to overcome barriers and create a successful treatment plan. She believes in the importance of helping students advocate for their own wants and needs in order to be successful. Outside of work, Hannah enjoys hiking and kayaking, trying new restaurants and coffee shops, and spending time with friends and family.


Jamye Hardy Willé, Ed.D, LMSW
Associate Director, Leadership, Outreach, and Training

Dr. Jamye Hardy Willé is an Assistant Director in Student Care Coordination at Vanderbilt University.  She is a native of Nashville, TN and earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social Work from Western Kentucky University.  Jamye is a Licensed Master Social Worker and brings with her diverse work experiences from social work and higher education settings.  She obtained her Doctorate in Education in leading Learning Organizations and Strategic Change from Lipscomb University.  Dr. Hardy Willé is passionate about recognizing the connections between mental health and student success, and connecting students to resources that meet their holistic needs.  Her approach to practice is grounded in the strengths perspective and cultural competence, where she intentionally centers interventions on each student’s personal strengths and cultural background.  Jamye believes intervention effectiveness and subsequent help seeking behaviors increase when students recognize the value of their intrinsic abilities and available resources.  Outside of work, Jamye enjoys live music, the arts, sports, and collecting experiences through traveling around the world and in her own backyard.  Dr. Hardy Willé is an active citizen within the community where she is a board member at the W.O. Smith Music School, Unscripted Improv, an advisory board member with Promise Land Heritage Association, and a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.


Kristen VanDyke, MSW, LCSW
Student Care Coordinator

Kristen is a Student Care Coordinator at Vanderbilt University. She earned her Master of Social Work with an emphasis on trauma treatment from The University of Tennessee – Knoxville, and her Bachelor of Social Work from The University of Michigan – Flint. Kristen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who brings over a decade of experience in working with diverse populations including veterans, adolescents, the LGBTQI+ community, and inpatient psychiatric treatment for adults. She is passionate about assisting students in finding the resources they need to navigate this time in their life. As the first in her family to graduate from college, Kristen understands the unique challenges and pressures that first generation students face. Kristen is dedicated to using a strengths-based approach, recognizes the importance of family systems, and believes that every human experiences the world in a different way. Kristen enjoys helping students utilize their strengths and innate uniqueness to help them reach their full potential. In her free time, Kristen enjoys attending concerts, dancing, playing with her dog and two cats, and most activities that involve spending time in nature.


Grace Moon, MSW, LMSW
CARE Support 

Grace Moon is a Student Care Coordinator at Vanderbilt University. She is a native of Knoxville, TN and earned her Bachelor of Education, Health, & Human Sciences from the University of Tennessee- Knoxville. She received her Master of Social Work with a concentration in advanced clinical social work practice from Columbia University in the City of New York. Grace has a diverse background that includes experience providing in-home counseling services for at-risk youth and families, collaborating with interdisciplinary health care teams in hospitals and clinics, working with social services, community agencies, and K-12 school districts. She believes in utilizing a strengths-based approach, capitalizing on students’ internal strengths, in order to create successful treatment plans. Grace is passionate about empowering and engaging students in their own journey on campus, in addition to creating meaningful changes in overall wellbeing to ensure each student reaches optimal levels of achievement and success at the university level and beyond. Outside of work, Grace enjoys traveling, cooking, trying new coffee shops and restaurants, and spending time with friends and family.


Jonathan Ailsworth, MSW, LMSW 
Student Care Coordinator

Jonathan Ailsworth is a Student Care Coordinator at Vanderbilt University. Jonathan is from the great city of Memphis, TN, and received his Masters in Social Work from the University of Tennessee, emphasizing clinical services, and his bachelors from Trevecca Nazarene University in Social Work with a minor in counseling.  Jonathan loves helping people find their inner strengths and to achieve their whole selves.  He brings years of experience working with students and crisis work, with K-12th aged students, afterschool care, group homes, and individual and group settings. Jonathan enjoys hearing others and helping them with problem-solving, and achieving great things. Outside of work, he enjoys going to movies, playing video games, reading fiction books, and loves to eat great foods.



Isabelle Quinn, MSW, LMSW
Student Care Coordinator

Isabelle Quinn is a Student Care Coordinator at Vanderbilt University. She earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Alabama. While there, she focused on Addiction/Recovery Sciences and received her Master of Social Work with a concentration in Children, Family, and Adolescents. Originally from Woodway, WA, Isabelle has a passion for advocacy, specifically with eating disorder recovery, and works to promote emotional wellness and healing in university settings. She believes in utilizing empathy, consistency, and strengths-based approaches to further the student experience and help those that need assistance during their collegiate years. She hopes to help students learn how to advocate for themselves and ensure their personal successes both in education and in life. Outside of the office, Isabelle enjoys going to concerts, spending time with friends, getting her nails done, and traveling. Isabelle is a proud member of Delta Gamma Fraternity. 


Samantha Melone
CARE Support Specialist

Samantha Melone is a CARE Support Specialist at Vanderbilt. She earned both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social Work from The Ohio State University. Samantha has years of experience providing case management, clinical therapy, crises intervention, family support, and coordinating acute psychiatric hospitalizations. Samantha has experience working with children, adolescents, and families. She is passionate about using a strengths-based approach as well as understanding each student’s unique story in order to create a successful treatment plan. Outside of working, Samantha enjoys being outside as much as she can (anything from hiking to sitting by the pool), CrossFit, reading, and spending time with her husband.  


Stephanie Bright
CARE Support Coordinator

Stephanie Bright is a CARE Support Coordinator at Vanderbilt University. She is a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of New Mexico. She joined the Student Care Network in September 2022 where she brings several years of administrative support experience. Outside of work, Stephanie is an enlisted soldier in the Army National Guard. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, interior decorating, gardening, and getting together with friends and family as often as possible.