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First Year Students

What First Year Students Need to Do Now:

One must submit and have their photo approved prior to obtaining their physical or mobile/digital card. An email will be sent once the photo is approved. The picture will also appear in the GET app once it is approved.

How to submit a photo

Your card is now available on your Android or Apple device. You can activate it on your phone by checking out the link below. Please ensure your photo was uploaded and approved.

Mobile Commodore Card instructions 

Make a Commodore Cash Selection for 2021/2022

Commodore Cash is a debit spending account that can be used anywhere on or off campus where the Commodore Card is accepted for payment, which includes food and non-food purchases, such as books and supplies, vending, laundry, printing, and athletic events. Commodore Cash balances can be carried over from year-to-year on your student’s debit spending account.

More Information: