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Commodore Card Terms & Conditions

1. DEBIT ACCOUNTS: Debit accounts on the Commodore Card are a record of your money deposited with us and available to you for purchasing products and services where ever the Commodore Card is accepted. You cannot use your Commodore Card as a credit card nor to obtain cash. Your debit account is made active immediately upon receipt of your Commodore Card. You may use your account after adding funds at any time in the amount of one U.S. dollar ($1.00) or more. You may make a check or cash deposit in person at the Commodore Card Office during regular business hours. However, cash deposits are limited to $20.00 per day. Additionally, students may make deposits by charging their Student Account. In order to bill your Student Account for additions to your Commodore Card, you must have a Student Account Agreement on file with the Office of Student Accounts. Deposits are credited immediately to your account upon receipt. You may also add funds online anytime at our website,

There are two debit spending plans available – Commodore Cash and Meal Money.  Commodore Cash is the primary spending account available on the Commodore Card. It can be used to make cash-free purchases at any campus retail location and select off-campus locations that accept the Commodore Card as a method of payment.  Vanderbilt students with a VU Meal Plan have an additional debit spending account available for food purchases only. Meal Money works exactly as Commodore Cash EXCEPT that Meal Money can ONLY be used in Vanderbilt Dining locations and at participating Taste of Nashville merchants.

2. FEES: There are no transaction charges. If you present a check for deposit or payment and the check is subsequently returned for any reason, your account will be deactivated and charged a $20.00 returned check fee. The University will use all legal recourse to collect amounts due. Your account may be reactivated upon restitution. Students who make deposits by charging their Student Account may be subject to a late payment fee of 1.5% monthly with a $5.00 minimum charged to their student account, not their Commodore Card account, if payment on their student account is not received by the payment deadline.

3. THE COMMODORE CARD: You must present your Commodore Card in order to purchase products or services, except for delivery purchases made from a website where the VUNetID and e-password operate as authorization for the transaction. The Commodore Card is the property of Vanderbilt University and must be returned to University officials upon request. It should be carried at all times. The Commodore Card is non-transferable. Unauthorized use, tampering, or alteration may result in disciplinary action. The Commodore Card may be deactivated and/or retained when presented by any Cardholder making inappropriate or illegal use of it.

4. LOST, STOLEN, OR DAMAGED COMMODORE CARDS: You agree to immediately report a lost or stolen Commodore Card in person at any on-campus attended retail location (except the bookstore), the Commodore Card Office, online at , or via telephone to the Commodore Card Office during regular business hours at 615-322-2273. Replacement cards will be created for the current replacement card fee of $25.00. Unauthorized expenditures of up to $500.00 are the responsibility of the cardholder for cards not reported lost within 12 hours.

5. REFUNDS AND MERCHANDISE RETURN: Merchandise may be accepted for return in accordance with the refund policy in effect at the place of purchase of the product(s) or service(s). Any refund shall be credited to your Commodore Card account. No cash refunds will be made for any purchases made with your Commodore Card.

6. ERROR RESOLUTION: If you believe a transaction was made in error, contact the manager of the location where the error occurred as soon as possible and within 60 days of the appearance of the transaction in question. The manager will need the following information to investigate:

    • First and last name as printed on your Commodore Card
    • Your VUnetID
    • A complete description of the error with an explanation of why you believe the transaction to be an error
    • The date, time, and dollar amount of the error and, if possible, a receipt

The Commodore Card Office cannot issue a stop payment on a transaction. All transactions occur in real time. All error resolution must be conducted between the cardholder and the merchant

7. MERCHANT RELATIONS: The Commodore Card Office is not responsible if a merchant does not accept your Commodore Card as a form of payment for any reason. If you have a dispute with a merchant regarding goods or services purchased with your Commodore Card, the dispute lies with the merchant and not with the Commodore Card Office.

8. ACCOUNT CLOSURE: Your Commodore Card accounts will be closed when you cease to be a student, employee of Vanderbilt University. Refunds will be issued for account balances of $10.00 or more.

9. RECEIPTS AND STATEMENTS: Most attended point-of-sale terminals are equipped to provide a receipt for each transaction. It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the receipt. A detailed account statement is available online at the Card Office website for the most recent six months of transactions. Printed statements for transactions occurring within the last year are available upon request from the Commodore Card Office. Statement cycles are based on calendar months.

10. PRIVACY: The Buckley Amendment provides the University the ability to designate certain student information “directory information.” Directory information may be made available to any person without the student's consent. Vanderbilt has designated the following as directory information: the student's name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, ID photos, date and place of birth, major field of study, school, classification, and other similar information. Except for directory information, the Commodore Card Office will keep your account and personal information strictly confidential. Outside parties will not be privileged to information about you, your account, or the purchases you make without your express consent unless such disclosure is in compliance with a court order or government legislation.

How does Vanderbilt University collect your Biometric Data?
If need to use the biometric VisionPass face recognition or Morpho fingerprint readers on campus you will need to provide certain biometric data at a collection reader. The device will create an algorithm based on a series of random data points across your face or fingerprint and store this securely on the application server for use only with these readers. Vanderbilt University will use this to identify you when you want to use the services.

What happens to your biometric data when you leave Vanderbilt University?
When you are no longer a student or employee of the University (your profile and services connected to your Commodore Card will automatically be turned off) any biometric data stored will be kept for up to 120 days (the period between Spring and Summer semesters) in case you return. After your biometric data is destroyed, you will need to re-enroll before you can use these services again.

12. CARD OFFICE: Questions or comments about your account should be directed to the Commodore Card Office at:

Commodore Card Office
184 Sarratt Student Center
Nashville, TN 37240
615-322-6368 (Fax)
Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

 13. CHANGES IN TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The terms and conditions of the Commodore Card are effective and remain binding until the Cardholder is otherwise notified. If any changes are made to the Terms and Conditions, the Commodore Card Office will provide the cardholder with a notice of change(s) upon their next addition of funds when using the website. Prior notice need not be given where immediate change in the Terms and Conditions is necessary to maintain or resolve the security of Commodore Card accounts.