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Megan Hollister Murray

Megan Hollister Murray

Degree Program: PhD, Biostatistics
Advisor: Jeffrey D. Blume • Research/dissertation topics: false discovery rates and second-generation p-values

BS, Mathematics, Baylor University

Megan’s current methods research aims to evaluate the statistical properties of second-generation p-values and characterize false discovery rate methodology. Her biomedical research projects have focused on lung cancer (particularly in assessing racial disparities in lung cancer screening) and graduate student exit survey data on their experiences with personal mentoring. In 2020, she co-authored a paper describing the development of her R package FDRestimation for computing and estimating false discovery rates (available on CRAN). Megan is from Houston and loves Tex-Mex food. In her free time, she is on a mission to find the best fajitas in Nashville! 

Learn more about Megan and her work at her website,