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Biostatistics Minor

The Biostatistics minor is a departmental mechanism to encourage quantitatively oriented students to broaden their statistics background while receiving official acknowledgement from the Department of Biostatistics. The Graduate Program in the Department of Biostatistics will certify when students have completed their requirements, allowing those students to list this designation on their CV.

Eligible students: Graduate students who are currently enrolled in a PhD program at Vanderbilt University, and who are in good standing in their respective program, are eligible to participate in the Biostatistics minor program.


Description: The Biostatistics minor consists of seven Biostatistics courses as described below.
Requirements (7 courses)

  1. 6311 & 6311L. Principles of Modern Biostatistics (or equivalent*)
  2. 6312 & 6312L. Modern Regression Analysis (or equivalent**)
  3. 6341 & 6341L. Fundamentals of Probability
  4. 6342 & 6342L. Contemporary Statistical Inference
  5. 7345 & 7345L. Advanced Regression Analysis I
  6. Two electives from the following list:
    1. 7346 & 7346L. Adv. Regression Analysis II
    2. 7323 & 7323L. Applied Survival Analysis
    3. Regression Modeling Strategies
    4. Clinical Trials and Experimental Design
    5. Bayesian Methods
    6. Advanced Statistical Computing
    7. 7362 & 7362L. Adv. Statistical Inference & Statistical Learning


  1. Six of the seven required courses must be completed with a grade of B- or better.
  2. One course may be taken pass/fail.
  3. Maintain an average GPA of B or better (≥3.0) in the six courses taken for a grade.
  4. *PSY-GS 8861 Statistical Inference is a pre-approved equivalent.
  5. **PSY-GS 8870 Correlation and Regression is a pre-approved equivalent.

Completion: Students should email the Biostatistics Program Manager and/or the Director of Graduate Studies for an official review of their participation. The email should list all coursework and grades pertaining to the minor. The program manager and/or director will provide official confirmation that the requirements have been met and, when appropriate, award the minor.

Miscellanea: PhD students interested in participating in this program should email the program manager and/or director so that their participation can be noted and certified when completed. Students enrolled in this program will be given priority enrollment status for biostatistics courses when space is limited. Please direct additional questions to the Biostatistics Graduate Program Manager (Chazlie Miller) or Director of Graduate Studies (Benjamin French).


effective: September 2017