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Biostatisticians are interdisciplinary scientists who specialize in the interpretation of data as scientific evidence. They use mathematical frameworks to account for uncertainty, extract knowledge from data, and generalize results to target populations. The discipline of Statistics laid the foundations for how science learns from data. This process, combined with recent advances in computing, has blossomed into the emerging field of “Data Science”. Vanderbilt’s Biostatistics program seeks to train the next generation of statistical leaders who are dedicated to the biomedical sciences and public health. They will design and conduct experiments, analyze data and interpret results, refine data capture techniques in mobile devices and images, and develop new statistical methods to support and encourage cutting edge scientific discoveries. Prediction algorithms developed by our students are already used for routine medical care here at Vanderbilt University and at other hospitals across the country. Many of these algorithms, and their novel underlying mathematical tools, will soon be available to you on your mobile device.