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Seminars & Working Groups

For details about the mandatory weekly seminars and other all-department offerings, see the department’s Events and Groups page.

Students also expand their expertise and experience in biostatistics by participating in Journal Club.

The weekly seminar series typically includes a round of faculty lightning talks each year. The goal of these talks is to expose students to faculty research and generate thoughtful discussion outside a structured learning environment. Faculty prepare a short overview of their area of expertise and stimulate discussion regarding potential avenues of research. This event has historically provided students with a terrific opportunity to find and connect with collaborators.

The 2024 lightning talks are scheduled for Wednesday, April 3, at 1:30 p.m. Central Time. The lineup is:

  • Jonathan Schildcrout
  • Bryan Shepherd
  • Jinyuan Liu
  • Bryan Blette
  • Amber Hackstadt
  • Gustavo Amorim

The 2023 lightning talks were delivered on Wednesday, April 5. The presenters were Yaomin Xu, Siyuan Ma, Simon Vandekar, Panpan Zhang, Jinyuan Liu, Jonathan Schildcrout, Amir Asiaee, and Frank Harrell. Summaries of the presentations can be viewed in the News section of this site.  Slides and notes are available to current students, faculty, and staff (VUnetID required).

In 2022, lightning talks were given by Frank Harrell, Ran Tao, Benjamin French, Shilin Zhao, Bryan Shepherd, Amber Hackstadt, and Amir Asiaee. Most presenters had some funding available for research assistance. Current students can view available slides and notes in the Department Members section (VUnetID required). Special thanks to Jamie Joseph for her work in coordinating and collating these materials!