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These awards recognize outstanding educational endeavors by students and faculty.

Student Awards

Distinguished Teaching Assistant: for excellence in teaching and a dedication to peer education.

Recipients: Max Rohde (2022); Yan Yan (2021); Megan Hollister (2020); Valerie Welty (2019); Hannah Weeks (2018); Jonathan Chipman & Allison Hainline (2017); David Schlueter (2016); Sarah Fletcher (2015)

Commodore Award in Biostatistics: for enriching the department and/or graduate program through ingenuity, dedication, and altruism.

Recipients: Jamie Joseph (2022); Cole Harris (2021); Nathan James (2020); Elizabeth Sigworth (2019); Svetlana Eden (2018); Jacquelyn Neal (2017); Lucy D’Agostino McGowan (2016); Mark Giganti (2015)

W. S. Gosset Award for Exceptional Research: for exemplary dissertation/thesis work or exceptional contributions to a research project/collaboration.

Recipients: Chiara Di Gravio (2022); Yuqi Tian (2021); Sarah Lotspeich (2020); Ryan Jarrett (2019); Christina Tripp Saunders (2018); David Schlueter (2017); Derek Smith (2016); Qi Liu (2015)

Faculty Awards

Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching: for outstanding instruction and an altruistic commitment to student classroom learning.

Recipients: Cole Beck (2022); Andrew Spieker (2021); Hakmook Kang (2020); Jeffrey Blume (2019); Jonathan Schildcrout (2018); Jeffrey Blume (2017); Hakmook Kang (2016); Robert Greevy & Jonathan Schildcrout (2015)

Outstanding Faculty Mentor: for excellence in dissertation and thesis advising and/or dedicated mentoring with an altruistic commitment to student learning beyond the classroom.

Recipients: Dandan Liu (2022); Simon Vandekar (2021); Andrew Spieker (2020); Rameela Raman (2019); Robert Greevy (2018); Robert Johnson (2017); Bryan Shepherd (2016); Jeffrey Blume (2015)


Selection Committees: The student body determines the composition and function of the committee for the faculty awards. The chair of the student committee, who is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the selection process, is approved by the director of graduate studies. Professor Dupont serves as faculty advisor to the committee if needed. The selection committee for the student awards is chaired by the director of graduate studies and has voting members selected from graduate program faculty.