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These awards recognize outstanding educational endeavors by students and faculty.

Student Awards

Distinguished Teaching Assistant: for excellence in teaching and a dedication to peer education.

Recipients: Jiangmei Xiong (2023); Max Rohde (2022); Yan Yan (2021); Megan Hollister (2020); Valerie Welty (2019); Hannah Weeks (2018); Jonathan Chipman & Allison Hainline (2017); David Schlueter (2016); Sarah Fletcher (2015)

Commodore Award in Biostatistics: for enriching the department and/or graduate program through ingenuity, dedication, and altruism.

Recipients: Elisa Yazdani (2023); Jamie Joseph (2022); Cole Harris (2021); Nathan James (2020); Elizabeth Sigworth (2019); Svetlana Eden (2018); Jacquelyn Neal (2017); Lucy D’Agostino McGowan (2016); Mark Giganti (2015)

W. S. Gosset Award for Exceptional Research: for exemplary dissertation/thesis work or exceptional contributions to a research project/collaboration.

Recipients: Julia Thome (2023); Chiara Di Gravio (2022); Yuqi Tian (2021); Sarah Lotspeich (2020); Ryan Jarrett (2019); Christina Tripp Saunders (2018); David Schlueter (2017); Derek Smith (2016); Qi Liu (2015)

Faculty Awards

Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching: for outstanding instruction and an altruistic commitment to student classroom learning.

Recipients: Robert Johnson (2023); Cole Beck (2022); Andrew Spieker (2021); Hakmook Kang (2020); Jeffrey Blume (2019); Jonathan Schildcrout (2018); Jeffrey Blume (2017); Hakmook Kang (2016); Robert Greevy & Jonathan Schildcrout (2015)

Outstanding Faculty Mentor: for excellence in dissertation and thesis advising and/or dedicated mentoring with an altruistic commitment to student learning beyond the classroom.

Recipients: Andrew Spieker (2023); Dandan Liu (2022); Simon Vandekar (2021); Andrew Spieker (2020); Rameela Raman (2019); Robert Greevy (2018); Robert Johnson (2017); Bryan Shepherd (2016); Jeffrey Blume (2015)