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Nika Radić | 2016 Artist in Residence (CEC ArtsLink)

Nika Radić | Artist in Residence
October 13 – November 18, 2016

Artist Talk: 
October 18, 2016
E. Bronson Ingram Studio Arts Center
Room 220

While in residence, Nike explored Nashville, TN and engaged with Vanderbilt University students and local artists.  She completed a video work – interviewing Nashville citizens  and their thoughts on the changing city and it’s history. Video found here.


About the artist:

Nika Radić was born in Zagreb, Croatia where she graduated in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts. She has also earned a degree in art history from the University of Vienna.
In her video works, multimedia installations and photographs she focuses on the subjects of communication and the ways art can document reality. She often chooses particular moments that everyone can experience daily, but is interested in how different people interpret it in their own individual way and how they become staged once they are presented in the context of art.
She has also written on the subject and her texts were published in books and magazines internationally.
She has exhibited on numerous shows internationally from commercial galleries, off spaces, institutions to festivals and conferences. The recent shows include the exhibition “At Home” (2015/16) at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb where she inserted her works into the permanent display of the historical museum and a mid career retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad (2009).
She also co-curated the show „Something with Performance“ in KuLe in Berlin (2014) and made works in public spaces including the video for the facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb on the occasion of the opening of the new building (2009).
Nika Radić has lived in six countries and speaks five languages so her work has much to do with what people have in common and what makes them different from each other.
This residency was made possible by CEC ArtsLink.
2016 CEC ArtsLink Fellows Announcement –ArtsLink Residencies offers artists and arts managers from 37 overseas countries five-week residencies at non-profit arts organizations throughout the US. The program enables artists and communities across the US to share artistic practices with artists and arts managers from abroad and engage in dialogue that advances understanding across cultures.