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Student Gallery

Welcome to the Student Gallery

Located on the first floor of the E. Bronson Ingram Studio Arts Center, The Student Gallery is an exhibition space designated for ARTS students to exhibit their work in curated solo and group exhibitions.  The gallery walls are drywall backed by plywood and can accommodate wall mounted, floor based, video, and audio based work.

Previous Exhibitions:

The 2022 – 2023 Academic Year:

Fall 2022

Sunprint Collages
Aliyah Weaver, Alix Roy, Teal Caudle, Eddy Kwon, Ari Pande

Exhibition Dates: July 26 – September 2, 2022
Course: ARTS 1100 – Introduction to Studio (Summer Session II)
Instructor: Patrick DeGuira, Lecturer in Art

Exhibition Statement: The “Sunprint Collages” exhibition presents the cyanotype collage works of the Summer Session II Introduction to Studio students. Using a variety of sound objects, the works collage together exposures of a various objets and subjects using the sun as the light source.


Exhibition Images:


ICARUS exhibition poster

Avery Bradley, Alphonse Oh

Exhibition Dates: October 7 – 21, 2022
Course: ARTS 2500 – Sculpture II
Instructor: Patrick DeGuira, Lecturer in Art

Exhibition Statement: Icarus is a collaboration created from discarded, pre-cut materials that were then rearranged to fit together. The artists decided to leave the construction marks and methods visible to emphasize the process of working with “scraps”. Each artist began constructing the work independently, focusing on their own style and first creating the farthest left and right pieces. As each piece neared completion, the images of a city and a sun emerged respectively. The artists connected to the myth of Icarus and the idea of the hero’s journey, with a starting point and an end goal. To complete the work and further invoke Icarus’ story, the artists collaboratively built the middle piece: a difficult road that leads to the final challenge. 

Exhibition Images:

a la carte: A Smorgasboard of Student Prints
Ben Damir, Kate Hershey, J.J. Johnson, Mady Johnston, Katie Kim, Jon Ma, Alexis Steinart, Aliyah Weaver

Exhibition Dates: October 28 – November 11, 2022
Course: ARTS 1600/2600 – Relief and Etching
Instructor: Mark Hosford, Associate Professor of Art

Exhibition Statement: Printmaking allows an artist to create multiples from a matrix, such as a carved piece of linoleum or etched copper. This allows an artist to print as many different color variations as desired.

Exhibition Images:

Artist: Kayla Colon
Exhibition Dates: November 16 – December 8, 2022

Exhibition Statement: In this journey through dark and light, day and night, my soul has been crushed and reborn again and again. A broken heart can be mended, but this does not mean it will remain the same. This evolution of our spirit needs to happen. These paintings are each from a different point in my life within the past four years, where part of my Ascension, an epiphany of life, a beautiful transformation, was taking place. All with their own deep personal stories, relationships, my mental health, grief, the state of this world and the meaning of my past, present, future, all at once. Through these paintings, and through many moments of reflection, many moments of valuable time with those I love, I have found my way to peace with things I never though I would. I am still finding my way, and having more faith these days in the power we have to actually free ourselves and each other. I want to remind those who are struggling right now, that there is still hope and love left here, there is still a reason to keep going, and there is an incredibly infinite, powerful light deep inside you. In a time like today, and a time like always, your unique light I needed more than ever. The hearts I have been blessed to know deeply have something in common – the desire to ascend to love, through love. Its depth, its eternal beauty, its strength in facing this life, it’s vulnerability that we might fear more than anything else. I hope to remind us all of the magic of who we really are, and our ultimate purpose here – to love, to experience, to grow, to shine in the dark like starts together, to change what is not based in love, peace or justice in this world. I am thankful for the wisdom and the release that all of my art has brought me, at times where I did not know where to go next, and had to simply surrender to what is. I know I will find more ways to created, and I know you will too. I wish you mac love in your own Ascension, and wish for you to spread love to others. Every moment right here is another chance to be reborn and ascend towards love, towards the dreams we are building with our minds. I am hoping for your peace of mind, in all of your dark and light times, and the strength to go on when you don’t know what to do just yet, knowing a path will reveal itself soon, and knowing you are meant for so much more to come. Breathe, and go on. Reach out, express yourself, and listen for the gems in the people, in the air. Ascend.  ~ Kayla Colon

About the artist:
Kayla is rounding out her Vanderbilt experience enrolled in several ARTS course and has developed a series of paintings outside of her arts courses. The work showcases a visual narrative that evokes perspective and emotive qualities of inner thoughts.

Kayla will graduate from Vanderbilt University in May 2023.

Exhibition Images:


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