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Vanderbilt Art student collective exhibited work in local art scene with “Reclamation”

Posted by on Tuesday, February 27, 2024 in News and Events.

For the month of February, the students in the mixed media class taught by Vadis Turner, Lecturer in Art, exhibited works curated for group exhibition at Turnip Green Creative Reuse, the Nashville base store and art center that aims to diverts usable material from our landfill for creative endeavors through their business model.

This is not the first art event students of Turner’s class has participated in.  Organizing in the fall or 2022, Turner’s students formed Reclamation, an student art collective unified in the creation of art through found, reclaimed materials sourced from their immediate surroundings and through vendors that align with the group mission – cue Turnip Green Creative Reuse as a locally available resource.  Socially aware of the  under-representation of studio arts students at promoted campus “art” – they intervened and landed visibility engagements at these event across campus.

The partnership with Turnip Green Creative Reuse started with this mutual interest in the reuse of materials and continues into 2024.

Vadis Turner, Hannah Walton, Christina Valentine, Ajda Çelebi (Turnip Green Engagement Coordinator), Kelci Creath, Cherish Farmer, Jon Ma, and Nat Tooley

The current members of Reclamation, opened their latest group exhibition title “Recalmation” on February 3, 2024 as part of the First Saturday Art Crawl alongside the long running Nashville Collage Collective with tremendous showing of artist and visitors to see both exhibitions.

Cheers to future endeavors of these students and Reclamation making work from those items most of us would discard.



The exhibition features the work of Hannah Walton, Christina Valentine, Kelci Creath, Cherish Farmer, Jon Ma, and Nat Tooley.