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VINSE - Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

VINSE Featured Spotlight Publications 

read more"MK2 inhibitory peptide delivered in nanopolyplexes prevents vascular graft intimal hyperplasia" B.C. Evans, K.M. Hocking, M.J. Osgood, I. Voskresensky, J. Dmowska, K.V. Kilchrist, C.M. Brophy, C.L.Duvall,  Science Translational Medicine (291), 291ra95, 2015. PDF

read more "Efficient hot-electron transfer by a plasmon-induced interfacial charge-transfer transition" K. Wu, J.R. McBride, T. Lian, Science, 349 (6248), 632-35, 2015.  PDF

read more"Electrical Control of near-Field Energy Transfer between Quantum Dots and Two-Dimensional Semiconductors" D. Prasai, A.R. Klots, AKM Newaz, J.S. Niezgoda, N.J. Orfield, C.A. Escobar, A.Wynn, A. Efimov, G. Kane Jennings, S.J. Rosenthal, and K.I. Bolotin, Nano Letters, 15 (7), 4374-4380, 2015. PDF

read more"Efficient forward second-harmonic generation from planar archimedean nanosprials" R.B. Davidson, J.I. Ziegler, G. Vargas, S.M. Avanesyan, Y. Gong, W. Hess and R.F. Haglund, Nanophotonics, 4, 108-113, 2015. PDF

read more"Electrochemical Preparation of Photosystem I−Polyaniline Composite Films for Biohybrid Solar Energy Conversion" E.A. Gizzie, G. LeBlanc, G.K. Jennings and D.E. Cliffel, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,  7, 9328-9335, 2015. PDF

read more"Ferroelectric Particles Generated through a Simple, Room-Temperature Treatment of CdSe Quantum Dots" T.L. Wrenn, J.R. McBride, J.W. Mares and S.J. Rosenthal, Chemistry of Materials, 27, 3817-3820, 2015. PDF