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VINSE - Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

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Access Policies

Rules and Regulations

  • Only authorized VINSE users are allowed in labs.  All visitors must be declared to VINSE staff.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) is required in all labs.
  • Users must display photo ID while in labs.  VINSE staff can provide ID holder and lanyard upon request.
  • All chemicals brought into labs must be declared to VINSE staff with SDS forms.
  • Buddy rule is enforced 24/7.  Users should never be in a lab environment alone.
  • Failure to adhere to lab safety protocols can result in suspension or termination of lab access

How to Gain Access

All prospective users must complete User Orientation, VEHS Lab Safety Training, and tool-specific training with a VINSE staff member before being allowed to reserve and use a tool.

  1. User Orientation is typically held in SC 6217 on Tuesday mornings.  The start time is as follows:  9:00 AM during the Fall 2015 academic semester, 10:00 AM during the Spring 2016 semester and academic breaks/holidays.  The orientation is 3 hours and gives an overview of the lab environment, hazards, and emergency response.  Contact Professor Anthony Hmelo ( if you wish to attend an orientation session.
  2. Trainees must complete general lab safety courses assigned in the Learning Exchange (link) throughout the year.  Upon completion, a copy of the lab safety certificate must be sent to Prof. Hmelo.  New users are granted 30 day provisional access to the VINSE labs.  After 30 days, the user will lose access until safety training is completed.  Safety certificates must be renewed yearly.
  3. At User Orientation, prospective users will indicate which tools are required for their research.  VINSE staff will assign a trainer.  The tool training session typically includes a demonstration by VINSE staff, hands-on experience by the user, and a discussion about the user's research goals and best practices.