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Benton Chapel – A Vanderbilt Tradition

Posted on Friday, May 10, 2013 in News.

Benton Chapel stands conjoined to the Divinity School as a mark of where Vanderbilt has come from and still takes center stage in the special moments for students and alumni alike. As a part of the past of Vanderbilt, the chapel has seen commencements, performances, religious services, guest speakers, holidays, memorials and weddings through the years. The stained glass colors that stream through the windows are a testament to the various types of special occasions that have taken place in this wonderful building. The chapel is always open for students to use and enter to partake of its ambiance, color, and quiet simplicity. One can always find someone in the chapel at most hours either in quiet prayer, reflective reading, or quiet solace. Click the link to read the history of the chapel and how it adds to the significance of events that continue to take place in the chapel today.

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