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Psychological Sciences

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Faculty Advisor

Joe Rodgers

Contact Information

Hobbs 203

Research Area

  • Quantitative Methods
  • Education

    A.B in Economics & Psychology: WUStL

    Curriculum Vitae

    Current Courses

    Intro. to Statistical Analysis (Undergraduate; PSY-PC 2101-02 &  PSY-PC 2101-06)


    AERA: Div D, SIG 68, SIG 91; 
    APA: Div 5, Div 8;

    S. Mason Garrison

    Graduate Student
    Research Area: Quantitative Methods

    Intelligence and personality predictors of long term outcomes.

    I am a predoctoral ExpERT* in the Quantitative Methods program at Vanderbilt University. My advisors are Prof. Joseph Rodgers and Prof. David Lubinski. With their guidance, I conduct research on individual differences using longitudinal methodology.

    I completed my B.A. in Economics and Psychology at Washington University in St. Louis. While an undergraduate, I was a researcher and the lab coordinator in Prof. Michael Strube's Social Behavior Lab. In the SBL, I conducted research on reliability and validity, and multilevel analysis of longitudinal data.

    In addition, I was a researcher in Prof. Joshua Jackson's Personality Measurement and Development Lab. In the P-Mad lab, I revived the Kelly/Connolly longitudinal study on marriage and personality. We're examining the predictive power of personality on health and personality's impact on relationship duration. Even though I'm 300 miles away, I still collaborate with Prof. Jackson. We have many exciting plans for our work with the KCLS.

    *Experimental Education Research Training