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(615) 322-8380
217B Hobbs Building

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PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1992

Current Courses

Psy 1500 Cognitive Aspects of Human Development

Psy 2250 Infancy

Psy 360  Developmental Psychology


Amy Needham

Professor of Psychology and Human Development;
Chair of the Department of Psychology and Human Development Member, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Amy Needham studies questions in perceptual, motor and cognitive development during infancy. Her ongoing projects ask how feedback about the consequences of their actions could entice infants to start reaching, the instrumental use of objects and tools in infancy, and object segregation in infancy. Her overarching goals are to understand the contributions of perceptual-motor learning on cognitive development during the first two years of life.

Previous Position

  • Associate Professor, Duke University

Lab Website