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Vanderbilt Poll Snapshot

December 2013 

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Joshua D. Clinton

John Geer

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December 2012 VU Poll Overview 

December 2012 VU Poll Questionnaire

December 2012 VU Poll Results

December 2012 VU Poll News Conference 

December 2012 VU Poll Slides

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In January 2011, the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions launched the Vanderbilt Poll, which surveys individuals 18 and older who are residents of the state of Tennessee. The goal was – and is – to provide a non-partisan and scientifically based reading of public opinion within the state. The Vanderbilt Poll is bi-annual, with surveys conducted prior to the start of the state legislative session and at its conclusion. There will be occasional surveys around important elections, such as the February 2012 Republican Presidential Primary Poll, but the focus is to measure accurately what Tennesseans think about important state and national issues and then make that information available to citizens, policy-makers, and scholars. The Vanderbilt Poll has surveyed over 9,000 Tennesseans since 2011.

For the current poll, fielded between November 20th and December 4th, 1,002 Tennesseans were called on both landlines (573) and cellphones (429). Among the 860 self-identified registered voters (with a margin of error of +/- 4.1%), we find:

1) Support for President Obama has plummeted from 40% in May 2013 to 28%. Most of the decline is because of decreased support among Democrats and Independents.
2) Tennesseans continue to support the expansion of Medicaid under the provisions provided for by the Affordable Care Act. Fully 63% of registered voters think Tennessee should follow the lead of Kentucky and expand Medicaid rather than follow Georgia and decline to expand Medicaid.
3) 57% of registered voters in Tennessee think that the state is headed in the right direction, and 66% think that the state economy is "good." In contrast, only 52% thought the state economy was good in May of 2013.
4) Only 24% of registered voters recognize the Republican primary opponent of Senator Alexander, Joe Carr. In fact, the combined awareness and approval of Sen. Alexander by self-identified tea-partiers is 23% larger than the awareness and approval of Carr.
5) 74% of registered Republicans are aware of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, but only 54% are aware of Texas Senator Ted Cruz. In terms of both awareness and approval, Christie leads Cruz 50% to 39%. Among self-identified tea-partiers, however, Cruz has an 18% advantage over Christie.


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