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Vanderbilt Poll

"In a democracy there is a critical need for elected officials to learn about the opinions of their constituents. We want to offer this information as a public service." CSDI Co-Directors John Geer and Josh Clinton

Highlights from the June 2011 VU Poll

 Financial matters
  • Both the U.S. and Tennessee economies are viewed negatively, but pessimism in the U.S. economy remains significantly higher
  • Despite concerns about large budget deficits and national debt, there is a high level of opposition to addressing the issues through major changes in either Medicare or Social Security
  • Around 45% of Tennesseans approve of a mixture of tax increases on the wealthy and spending cuts as a response to the federal budget deficit
Policy issues
  • About two-thirds of Tennesseans believe that the availability of cheap, convenient, but unhealthy food contributes to the rising rate of obesity.
  • Improvements and expansion of local public transportation options are favored by about 60 percent, but significantly fewer are willing to pay a small increase in taxes or fees to fund the improvements.
  • The death penalty is favored over life imprisonment with no possibility of parole.
  • About 60 percent of Tennesseans consider global warming a serious problem