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Students are required to attend all Biostatistics seminars (one per week). Students will also be required to attend at least 12 Biostatistics clinics each year. These clinics occur every day at noon and feature free lunch, so we anticipate that graduate student attendance will not be an issue. The mechanism to encourage this has yet to be defined, but will be a combination of course credits and individual mentoring. Note that each student is required to present his/her completed thesis work in the departmental seminar series as a condition for graduation.

Chalk-talk sessions are weekly sessions held in the summer during which all departmental students are exposed to and discuss a faculty member’s area of research. The goal of the summer ‘chalk-talk’ series is to expose students to faculty research and generate thoughtful discussion outside a structured learning environment. Faculty may prepare a short overview (no more than 30 minutes) of their area of expertise and are expected to stimulate discussion regarding potential avenues of research. Alternatively, faculty may present and discuss foundational or historical papers. The faculty member will facilitate and encourage group discussion. Senior students will also be asked to participate in leading these sessions and to aid their faculty advisors preparation. The Program will plan for ten weekly sessions over the summer; each session will last approximately two hours. Faculty will be encouraged to hold chalk-talk sessions outside the university, e.g., restaurant, tavern, park, home etc. Course credits may be assigned for participation.


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