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Welcome to the graduate program in the Department of Biostatistics at Vanderbilt University. The Department of Biostatistics offers a PhD and MS degree in Biostatistics. Please peruse our website to learn about our program philosophy, courses, requirements, expectations, timelines, and educational resources.

Our graduate program emphasizes modern statistical thought and features the foundations of statistical inference, a topic of critical importance. The program aims to strike a balance between theoretical rigor, methodological proficiency, and functional aptitude. There is a strong emphasis on reproducible, validated research and how to achieve this from a statistical perspective. Our curriculum is nondenominational with respect to the foundations of statistical inference (i.e., Frequentist, Bayesian, Likelihood), modern in its emphasis on computing and teaching of statistical principles, and progressive with its emphasis on communication skills. These skills are critical to the successful biostatistician in academics, industry, or government.

The raison d’être of our PhD program is to produce independent, adroit researchers who will contribute to the growth of biostatistics and other health science disciplines through methodological research in biostatistics and interdisciplinary collaborations in the biomedical sciences. Our MS program aspires to produce competent, flexible analysts who are excellent communicators, well trained in modern analysis techniques, and able to engage in standard and non-standard biomedical applications.

The Vanderbilt faculty cultivate an environment of genuine interdisciplinary collaboration that offers graduate students numerous opportunities to engage in closely supervised partnerships across disciplines.

The faculty welcome your suggestions, as we are always striving to improve.  Please contact us with any comments.

Click on the following link to access the New York Times article on what the future holds for statistics graduates. “For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word – Statistics”

Jeffrey D. Blume, PhD

Director of Graduate Studies

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