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Interns are valuable members of the VIGH team, contributing to research, program development, data management and analysis, communications, manuscript development, reporting, and much more. VIGH provides internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students seeking academic credit and professional experience. Intern duties encompass an array of projects designed to suit the individual’s background and interests. 

Student Highlights

Gaby Harder
"Working at VIGH has been the highlight of this unprecedented summer. It has been amazing to learn about the research and service being done by faculty members, as well as the diversity of careers in global health." - Gaby Harder (Medicine, Health, and Society / Political Science '22)

Duretti Ahmad"At VIGH, I was able to learn and gain experience working in education and global health. A key takeaway was being able to learn about training programs and what it takes to develop a curriculum." - Duretti Ahmad (Medicine, Health, and Society / Human and Organizational Development '23) 

Diya Mathur"As someone fascinated by interdisciplinary health care delivery, I found learning about global health disciplines to be fascinating! This summer, I supported the development of a manuscript that outlines the impacts of community-engaged and project-based learning in Global Health curriculum." - Diya Mathur (Neuroscience '21)

Tucker Apgar"Working as a VIGH intern was one of the most rewarding experiences by allowing me to get involved with a Vanderbilt-affiliated organization. I found a great community working together with my fellow student interns and VIGH faculty over the course of two months. As a student interested in attending medical school in the future, I believe that my time with VIGH will serve me well in a career focused on being the bridge of communication between professionals and the public." - Tucker Apgar (Undeclared '23)

"The VIGH internship was a great experience! It gives you a real idea of how global health collaborations work." - Taiye Winful (PhD Candidate, Anthropology)

Katie Snow
"I had a great experience as a VIGH Education and Training Intern this summer! I primarily worked on inputing and analyzing data from graduate and medical student global health experiences and created infographics for these statistics. I also published a fellowship report for the past few years of global health experience funding by the Overall Family Fellowship. This project was an opportunity to learn about various global health experiences abroad and gain perspective on various healthcare systems globally. I'm hoping to use these skills I gained this summer to hopefully conduct global health research and projects while in medical school." - Katie Snow (Medicine, Health, and Society '21) 

Oceane Parker"My internship at VIGH has opened my eyes to how global health and education projects across the world are managed from the US. From course building, to manuscript writing, to presentation collaboration, I've acquired skills that I expect will be invaluable in my future career. I'm so grateful to have had this experience!" - Océane Parker (Medicine, Health, and Society / Neuroscience '21) 

"I worked on developing a leadership and management workshop curriculum to be used at University of Zambia. It was really cool working on a virtual, cross-cultural team and I learned a lot about curriculum development, data analysis, leadership, etc." - Tessa Bales (Medicine, Health, and Society / Human and Organizational Development '21)

Alexis Pramberger
"During my internship I looked into ways to increase underrepresented minority enrollment in our pre and postdoctoral VECDr program. In understanding our current marketing techniques and larger trends in minority enrollment, I explored potential solutions that used a multifaceted, innovative approach." -  Alexis Pramberger (Child Development / Medicine, Health, and Society  '21)


How to Apply

If you are interested in an internship at VIGH, please complete and submit an application, including a cover letter and resume.