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About Us


The VIGH Student Advisory Council (SAC) was initially launched as the Global Health Alliance in March 2011 by student leaders representing Vanderbilt's many global health organizations. SAC continues to serve as a coordinating body to enhance collaboration and dissemination of information among Vanderbilt students interested in Global Health. Comprised of graduate and undergraduate students from various schools across the university, the Student Advisory Council brings together diverse students interested in global health with the goal of fostering cross-disciplinary student networking and collaboration. Members of the Student Advisory Council are responsible for bringing the student perspective to the institute, especially with regards to student opportunities and experiences. Some events that SAC students coordinate include the annual Global Health Case Competition and the Symposium. 

Our Mission

To foster interdisciplinary awareness and understanding of global health within the Vanderbilt community by:

  1. Serving as a medium of communication between the Vanderbilt student body and VIGH
  2. Promoting service, research, and educational opportunities
  3. Actively facilitating collaboration and action

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