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Meet the Team

SAC board members represent a variety of colleges and schools at Vanderbilt, including the College of Arts and Science, the School of Engineering, the School of Medicine, and Peabody College of Education and Human Development. Committees are comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students from numerous majors and masters/doctorate programs including Psychology; Medicine, Health & Society; Global Public Health; Biomedical Engineering; Public Policy; Cognitive Studies; Human and Organizational Development; International Education; Spanish; Neuroscience; and Medicine. 

Student Advisory Council Executive Board


Ashwin Gupta



  • Role: SAC Co-Chair 
  • Hometown: Springfield, IL
  • Major: MHS
  • Favorite thing about SAC: All of the great speakers we've had.
  • Fun fact: My parents picked my name the day before I was born.


Ivy Han



  • Role: Treasurer
  • Hometown: Rockville, MD
  • Majors: Child Development and Molecular/Cellular Biology
  • Favorite thing about SAC: How interdisciplinary it is!
  • Fun fact: I love to bake cookies!


Meira Kowalski



  • Role: Symposium Co-Cahair
  • Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
  • Majors: MHS, business minor
  • Favorite thing about SAC: The connections I have already been able to make and the friendliness/helpfulness of all the VIGH professionals working with us.
  • Fun Fact: One of my eyes is two different colors! 


Becca Lee



  • Role: SAC Co-Chair
  • Hometown: Islip Terrace, NY
  • Major: Global Health Track MPH Program
  • Favorite thing about SAC: SAC helps elicit the passion, initiative, and creativity in all of us.
  • Fun fact: I order cold drinks no matter what time of the year.


Nitin Prabakaran



  • Role: SAC Co-Chair
  • Hometown: Palatine, Illinois
  • Major: Medicine, Health and Society
  • Fun fact: My first name is a palindrome


Chidiogo Nwakoby     

chidiogo nwakoby



  • Role: Symposium Co-Chair
  • Hometown: Enugu, Nigeria
  • Favorite thing about SAC: SAC has helped me explore the global health field while giving me the chance to connect with other students who are also interested in global health. 
  • Fun Fact: I’ve been to a snake temple in the Republic of Benin. 

 Others not featured above:

 Case Competition Co-Chairs: Noor Ali & Hilly Yehoshua

Case Competition Committee  Symposium Committee

   Kevin Nguyen
   Dev Patel
   Varun Reddy
   Jeremy Chiang
   Jiayue Liu
   Angus Chatham
   Bethlehem Daniel
   Duretti Ahmad
   Chidimma Ndubuisi Oluavu
   Shahar Hartman

   Sarah Platkin
   Katherine Zhong
   Sophie Goldenberg
   Kush Chaudhari
   Chandu Kona
   Lilly He
   Chinenye Iroajanma
   Teresa Xu
   Anish Katta
   Corinne Hunnicutt
   Ivy Han

SAC Advisers: Dr. Elizabeth Rose, Dr. Brad Hawkins & Raphael Abayateye