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Recent Publications

2020 Publications/Presentations

Best, K. B., Gilligan, J. M., Baroud, H., Carrico, A. R., Donato, K. M., Ackerly, B. A., & Mallick, B. (2020). Random forest analysis of two household surveys can identify important predictors of migration in Bangladesh. Journal of Computational Social Science, 1-24.

Gilligan, J. M., & Vandenbergh, M. P. (2020). A framework for assessing the impact of private climate governance.  Energy Research & Social Science 60 , 101400.

Vandenbergh, M. P. (2020). Social Checks and Balances: A Private Fairness Doctrine.  Vand. L. Rev. 73 , 811.

Hess, D. J., & Sovacool, B. K. (2020). Sociotechnical matters: Reviewing and integrating science and technology studies with energy social science.  Energy Research & Social Science 65 , 101462.

Hess, D. J., & Lee, D. (2020). Energy decentralization in California and New York: Conflicts in the politics of shared solar and community choice.  Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 121 , 109716.

Hess, D. J. (2020, March). The Sociology of Ignorance and Post‐Truth Politics. In  Sociological Forum  (Vol. 35, No. 1, pp. 241-249).

Hess, D. J. (2020). Energy Politics in the Public Sphere: Frames, Values, and Symbolic Power. In  Energy Justice Across Borders  (pp. 23-44). Springer, Cham.

Wu, L., Gomez‐Velez, J. D., Krause, S., Singh, T., Wörman, A., & Lewandowski, J. (2020). Impact of flow alteration and temperature variability on hyporheic exchange. Water Resources Research, e2019WR026225.  

Schmadel, N., Harvey, J. W., Alexander, R. B., Boyer, E. W., Schwarz, G. E., Gomez-Velez, J. D., et al. (2020). Low threshold for nitrogen concentration saturation in headwaters increases regional and coastal delivery. Environmental Research Letters. 

Kruegler, J., Gomez-Velez, J., Lautz, L. K., & Endreny, T. A. (2020). Dynamic Evapotranspiration Alters Hyporheic Flow and Residence Times in the Intrameander Zone. Water12(2), 424. 

Tzankova, Z. Can private governance boost public policy? Insights from public–private governance interactions in the fisheries and electricity sectors.  Regulation & Governance .

Tzankova, Z. (2020). Public policy spillovers from private energy governance: New opportunities for the political acceleration of renewable energy transitions.  Energy Research & Social Science 67 , 101504.

2019 Publications/Presentations

DeSilva, T., Hornberger, G.M., and H. Baroud 2019. Decision Analysis for the Expansion of the Mahaweli Multi-Purpose Reservoir System in Sri Lanka.  J. Water Resour. Planning and Mgmt. 145(9): 05019013. doi: 10.1061/(ASCE)WR.1943-5452.0001094

David Hess presented the paper "Incumbent-led Transitions and Civil Society: Shaping Autonomous Vehicle Policy in the United States" at the annual meeting of the International Sustainability Transitions conference.

Presentation citation - W. Bradley Hawkins, Annie Smart, Rebecca Mohr, Marie Griffin. “Using REDCap to Manage and Document Interprofessional Experiences in the Vanderbilt Master of Public Health (MPH) Program.” Poster Presentation at Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH) Annual Meeting, March 20-22, 2019, Arlington, VA.

Kaitlin Raimi, Alex Maki, David Dana, and Michael Vandenbergh, Framing Affects Whether Geoengineering is a Moral Hazard, 13 CLIMATE COMMUNICATION 300-319 (2019)

Michael P. Vandenbergh & Paul C. Stern, Individual and Household Behavior in LEGAL PATHWAYS TO DEEP DECARBONIZATION IN THE UNITED STATES (John Dernbach and Michael Gerrard, eds., 2019)

Xu., X., & Chen, C.F. (2019). Energy Efficiency and Energy Justice for US Low-Income Households: An Analysis of Multi-Facet Challenges and Potential. Energy Policy, 128, 763-774.

Mike Vandenbergh and I published C. Phillips, J.M. Gilligan, S. Harper, J. Roberts, and M.P. Vandenbergh, "Dialogue: Beyond Politics: The Private Governance Response to Climate Change," Environmental Law Reporter, 48, 11049-11062 (2018).

DeSilva, T., Hornberger, G.M., and H. Baroud 2019.Decision Analysis for the Expansion of the Mahaweli Multi-Purpose Reservoir System in Sri Lanka. J. Water Resource. Planning and Mgmt. In press.

David J. Hess and Madison Renner. 2019 Conservative Political Parties and Energy Transitions in Europe: Opposition to Climate Mitigation Policies. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 104: 419-428.

David J. Hess and Lacee A. Satcher. 2019. Conditions for Successful Environmental Justice Mobilizations: An Analysis of Fifty Cases. Environmental Politics 10.1080/09644016.2019.1565679.

2018 Publications/Presentations

Using Meta-Analysis in the Social Sciences to Improve Environmental Policy in HANDBOOK OF SUSTAINABILITY AND SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH (L. Filho et al. eds., 1st ed. 2018) (with Alexander Maki & Mark A. Cohen).

Nawagamuwa, UP, Hornberger, GM, and T Gunda 2018. Influences of temperature and precipitation on soil moisture in Anuradhapura District. Journal of the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka 46: 519 – 526. DOI: 10.4038/jnsfsr.v46i4.8627.

David Hess and Magdalena Sudibjo. Supporting Regional Cleantech Sectors in North America. Sustainability: Science, Practice, and Policy 14(1): 22-30.

David Hess. Coalitions, Framing, and the Politics of Energy Transitions: Local Democracy and Community Choice in California. Energy Research and Social Science 50:38-50.

Nawagamuwa, UP, Hornberger, GM, and T Gunda 2018. Influences of temperature and precipitation on soil moisture in Anuradhapura District. Journal of the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka In press.

Peters, C.N., Baroud, H. and G. M. Hornberger 2018. Multicriteria Decision Analysis of Freshwater Resource Management in Southwestern Bangladesh. J. Water Resour. Planning and Mgmt. In press.

Gunda, T, Hess, D, Hornberger, GM and S Worland, 2018. Water Security in Practice: The Quantity-Quality-Society Nexus of Water Security. Water Security In press.

Michael P. Vandenbergh, Keynote: Motivating Private Climate Governance: The Role of the Efficiency Gap, 70 ARKANSAS L. REV. (symposium) available at

Gunda, T., M.D. Sweitzer, K.T. Comer, C. Finn, S. Murillo-Sandoval, and J. Huff (2018). “Evolution of Water Narratives in Local US Newspapers: A Case Study of Utah and Georgia.” Sandia Report, SAND2018-9197. Accessible online at:

Yolanda J. McDonald, Nicole E. Jones, “Drinking Water Violations and Environmental Justice in the United States, 2011–2015”, American Journal of Public Health 108, no. 10 (October 1, 2018): pp. 1401-1407.  DOI: 10.2105/AJPH.2018.304621 

David J. Hess, "Word-Making Fields: Science and the Law." Presentation at the symposium "Identifying Gaps, Building Bridges: Fostering Critical Exchange Between Socio-Legal and Science & Technology Studies," Drexel University.

David J. Hess. 2018. "Coalitions, Values, and the Politics of Energy Transitions: Community Choice Aggregation in California." Submitted to Energy Research and Social Science.

McDonald, Y.J. and Jones, N.E. (Accepted for Publication, 6/15/18). Drinking Water Violations and Environmental Justice in the United States, 2011-2015. American Journal of Public Health.

Jonathan M. Gilligan, Christopher A. Wold, Scott C. Worland, John J. Nay, David J. Hess, and George M. Hornberger, "Urban Water Conservation Policies in the United States" Earth's Future doi:  10.1029/2017EF000797  (2018) is now published online at Earth's Future:

Carrico, A.R., Raja, U., Fraser, J.C., Vandenbergh, M.P. (2018). Household and Block Level Influences on Residential Fertilizer Use. Landscape and Urban Planning, in press.

Melissa Rorie, Sally Simpson, Mark Cohen & Michael P. Vandenbergh, Examining Procedural Justice and Legitimacy in Corporate Offending and Over-compliance: The Efficacy of Direct and Indirect Regulatory Interactions, 40 LAW & POLICY 1-24 (2018)

Paper by David Hess and Lacee Satcher. “Conditions for Successful Environmental Justice Mobilizations: An Analysis of 50 Cases.” Southern Sociological Society, New Orleans.

Gunda, T., B.L. Turner, and V.C. Tidwell (2018) The Influential Role of Sociocultural Feedbacks on Community‐Managed Irrigation System Behaviors During times of Water Stress, Water Resources Research, .

“Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Reading Printed and Electronic Documents: A Break-even Point Approach”, Energy Policy, Pamela A. Hoover, Jonathan M. Gilligan, Michael P. Vandenbergh and James H. Clarke

McDonald, Y.J. and Jones, N.E. (Submitted Revision). Environmental Justice: Drinking Water Violations in the United States, 2011-2015. American Journal of Public Health.

B. Jennings, “The Ecological Conscience of Liberalism,” Minding Nature, Vol. 11, No. 2 (January 2018), 4-12.

On January 8, 2018, Bruce Jennings took part in a day long public conference sponsored by the School of Medicine at Center South University in Changsha, China. The conference was on “US and China Perspectives on Bioethics, Law, and Philosophy.” He gave two presentations during the conference: “Why Is Improving End of Life Care Decision-making So Difficult?” and “Teaching Public Health Ethics and Policy Bioethics.”

Michael P. Vandenbergh & Jonathan M. Gilligan, BEYOND POLITICS: THE PRIVATE GOVERNANCE RESPONSE TO CLIMATE CHANGE (Cambridge University Press)(2017)(reviewed by David Victor in Science at

J.M. Gilligan, "Climate Change: Accounting for the Human Factor," Nature Climate Change 8, 14-15 (2018)

Worland, Scott. C., Steinschneider, S. and Hornberger, G.M. (2018), Drivers of variability in Public-Supply Water Use Across the Contiguous United States.  Water Resour. Res..Accepted Author Manuscript.  doi:10.1022/2017WR021268 

2017 Publications/Presentations

Maki, A., (2017, November 28).  How to persuade people that climate change is real.  [The Washington Post's Monkey Cage.]  Retrieved from

Rivera, A., T. Gunda, and G.M. Hornberger (2017) Minimizing Irrigation Water Demand: An Evaluation of Shifting Planting Dates in Sri Lanka, Ambio, DOI:  10.1007/s13280-017-0993-8

Michael P. Vandenbergh & Benjamin Raker, Private Environmental Governance and the New Private Advocacy, 32 NAT’L RES. & ENVT. 45-49

Michael P. Vandenbergh, “Beyond Politics: The Private Governance Response to Climate Change,” Panel: Environmental Law Without Congress: Are Alternatives to Legislation Eclipsing the Congressional Role?, Federalist Society 2017 National Lawyers Convention, Washington, DC (November 2017)

Hess, David J., and Brandi Collins. 2018. Climate change and higher education: Assessing factors that affect curriculum requirements. Journal of Cleaner Production 170(1): 1451-1458. Abstract:
Final text version:

Rossi, Jim. "Reconstituting the Federalism Battle in Energy Transportation," 41 Harvard Environmental Law Review 423-92 (2017) (with Alexandras Klass) - 

Rossi, Jim. "Stranded Costs and Grid Decarbonization," 82 Brooklyn Law Review 645-91 (2017) (with Emily Hammond) - 

Rossi, Jim. "The Brave New Path of Energy Federalism," 95 Texas Law Review 399-466 (2016) -

Michael P. Vandenbergh & Paul C. Stern, The Role of Individual and Household Behavior in Decarbonization, 47 ENVTL. L. REP. 10971-10962 (2017) (excerpted from Michael P. Vandenbergh & Paul C. Stern, Individual and Household Behavior in LEGAL PATHWAYS TO DEEP DECARBONIZATION IN THE UNITED STATES (John Dernbach and Michael Gerrard, eds.)

“Keynote Address: Motivating Private Governance: The Role of the Efficiency Gap,” 2017-2018 Arkansas Law Review Symposium: Environmental Sustainability and Private Governance, University of Arkansas School of Law, Fayetteville, AR (October 2017) 

“Beyond Politics: The Private Governance Response to Climate Change,” Renewable Energy: Markets, Behavior and Law Panel, Environmental Law Workshop: Taking Stock/Moving Forward, University of Virginia Law School, Charlottesville, VA (October 2017)

Maki, A., Vitriol, J., Dwyer, P. C., Kim, J. S., & Snyder, M. (2017). The Helping Orientations Inventory: Measuring propensities to provide autonomy and dependency help. European Journal of Social Psychology, 47, 677-693. 

Xu, X., Maki, A., Chen, C., Dong, B., & Day, J. A. (2017). Investigating willingness to save energy and communication about energy use in the American workplace with the attitude-behavior-context model. Energy Research & Social Science, 32, 13-22.

David Hess and Ethan Gibbons. 2017    “Producing Undone Science: Suppression, Industry, and Mobilized Publics,” Society for Social Studies of Science. August.  Examined patterns of suppression for 50 environmental scientists.

Nelson, K. S. & Burchfield, E.K. (2017). Effects of the Structure of Water Rights on Agricultural Production During Drought: A Spatiotemporal Analysis of California’s Central Valley. Water Resources Research. (Accepted article version available online at:

Marcus, Michelle. "On the road to recovery: Gasoline content regulations and child health." Journal of Health Economics 54 (2017): 98-123.

Raimi, K.T. (2017). Energy saving behaviour: Negative spillover to policy. Nature Climate Change, 7, 473-474.doi: 10.1038/nclimate3317

Yoeli, E., Budescu, D.V., Carrico, A.R., Delmas, M.A., DeShazo, J.R., Ferraro, P.J., et al., (2017). Behavioral science tools for energy and environmental policy. Behavioral Science and Policy Association. 

Williams, N., Carrico, A.R. (2017). Examining adaptations to water stress among farming households in Sri Lanka's Dry Zone. Ambio.

Xu, X., Maki, A., Chen, C., Dong, B., & Stuart, J. A. (in press). Investigating willingness to save energy and communication about energy use in the American workplace with the attitude-behavior-context model. Energy Research & Social Science. doi:10.1016/j.erss.2017.02.011

Ruhl, J.B, D.M. Katz, M.J. Bommarito II. 2017. Harnessing legal complexity. Science 355(6332):1377. 

Ruhl, JB. 2017. Seeing past the zero-sum game in environmental policy—Harder than it looks. Environmental Law Reporter 47:10330.

David J. Hess, Quan D. Mai, Rachel Skaggs, and Magdalena Sudibjo. Local Matters: Political Opportunities, Spatial Scale, and Support for Green Jobs Policies. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions.

Hess, David J., Christopher A. Wold, Scott C. Worland, and George M. Hornberger, 2017. Measuring Urban Water Conservation Policies: Toward a Comprehensive Index. Journal of the American Water Resources Association (JAWRA) 00(0):1-14. DOI: 10.1111/1752-1688.12506

Raimi KT, Stern PC, & Maki A (2017) The Promise and Limitations of Using Analogies to Improve Decision-Relevant Understanding of Climate Change. PLoS ONE 12(1): e0171130. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0171130

2016 Publications/Presentations

Perrone, D and GM Hornberger. Frontiers of the food-energy-water trilemma: Sri Lanka as a microcosm of tradeoffs. Environmental Research Letters 11: 14005-14014.  

The following paper is now available online:  Hess, David J. 2016. “The Politics of Niche-Regime Conflicts: Distributed Solar Energy in the United States.” Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions. In press.

Presentation by Mike Vandenbergh: “Beyond Gridlock: Closing the Paris Gap,” Conversations on Morality, Politics, and Society Conference, Center for Ethics and Human Values, Ohio State University (January 2016)  

Presentation by David A, Padgett (Tenn State): "Urban Heat Island Investigations, Geospatial Technology Applications, and Service Learning Outreach," American Meteorological Society 96th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, January 10-14, 2016 

Grant Proposal/Letter of Interest by David A. Padgett: “Real-Time Studies in Global Urban Climate Vulnerability: Gateway to Emerging Careers in Global Systems Problem Solving.”  Career Pathways Initiative, United Negro College Fund ($150,000.00), Washington, DC, Submitted January 19, 2016

Brown, Kate Pride. (Under Review at Sustainability) "In the Pocket: Regulatory Commissions, Industry Capture and Campaign Spending." 

Brown, Kate Pride. (Conditional Accept at Social Movement Studies) "The Prospectus of Activism: Discerning and Delimiting Imagined Possibility." 

Gunda, T. and G.M. Hornberger. 2016. "Could we have forecasted the 2014 drought in Sri Lanka?" Oral presentation. ASCE-EWRI’s Eighth International Perspective on Water Resources and the Environment (IPWE) conference, Colombo, Sri Lanka, January 2016.

2015 Publications

Worland, S., Hornberger, G.M. and S. Goodbred. 2015. Evolution of Saline Groundwater in Southwest Bangladesh, Water Resources Research, DOI: 10.1002/2014WR016262.

Hess, David J. 2015. “Undone Science, Industrial Innovation, and Social Movements.” In Matthias Gross and Linsey McGoey (ed.), The Routledge International Handbook of Ignorance Studies. Routledge.

Hess, David J. 2015. “Public as Threats? Integrating Science and Technology Studies (STS) and Social Movement Studies (SMS).” Science as Culture 24(1): 69-82.

Hornberger, G.M., Hess, D.J., and J. Gilligan 2015. Water Conservation and Hydrological Transitions in Cities. Water Resources Research. In press. (

Perrone, D., G. Hornberger, M. Van der Velde, and O. Van Vliet. 2015. U.S. Water Resource Use: Past, Present, and Projected. Journal Am. Water Resour. Assn. DOI:10.1111/1752-1688.12301.

David Hess, Jonathan Coley, Quan Mai, and Lucas Hilliard.2015.  Party differences and energy reform: fiscal conservatism in the California legislature. Environmental Politics 24(2): 228-248.

Michael P. Vandenbergh & Kaitlin T. Raimi, Climate Change: Leveraging Legacy, 42 ECOLOGY L.Q. 139 (2015)

Amanda R Carrico, Michael P Vandenbergh, Paul C. Stern & Thomas Dietz, US Climate Policy Needs Behavioural Science, 5 NATURE CLIMATE CHANGE 177-179 (2015) 

Amanda R Carrico, Heather Barnes Truelove, Michael P Vandenbergh & David Dana, Does Learning about Climate Change Adaptation Change Support for Mitigation?, 41 J. ENVTL. PSYCHOLOGY 19-29 (2015) 

Sharon Shewmake, Mark A. Cohen, Paul C. Stern & Michael P. Vandenbergh, Carbon Triage: A Strategy for Developing a Viable Carbon Labeling System, in HANDBOOK ON RESEARCH IN SUSTAINABLE CONSUMPTION (Lucia Reisch & John Thøgersen eds., 2015)

Michael P. Vandenbergh & Jonathan R. Gilligan, Beyond Gridlock: The Private Governance Response to Climate Change, 40 COLUM. ENVTL. L.J.

Michael P. Vandenbergh & Jonathan M. Gilligan, Beyond Gridlock, Working Paper available at

2014 Publications

Flewelling S.A., Hornberger, G.M., Herman, J.S., Mills, A. L. and W.M. Robertson. 2014. Evapotranspiration Causes Diel Patterns in Stream Nitrate Concentrations. Hydrol Proc.28 : 2150-2158.

Hess, David J.  2014.“When Green Became Blue: Epistemic Rift and the Corralling of Climate Science.” Political Power and Social Theory 27: 123-153.

Hess, David J.  2014 “Sustainability Transitions: A Political Coalition Perspective.” Research Policy 43(2): 278-283.

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Nay, JJ, M Abkowitz, E Chu, D Gallagher & H Wright 2014. A review of decision-support models for adaptation to climate change in the context of development.  Climate and Development, DOI: 10.1080/17565529.2014.912196

Perrone D and GM Hornberger 2014. Water, Food, Energy: Scrambling for Resources or Solutions? WIRES-Water 1 : 49-68.

Toner, K., Gan, M., & Leary, M. R. 2014. The impact of individual and group feedback on environmental attitudes and intentions. Environment and Behavior, 46:24-45. doi:10.1177/0013916512451902

Vandenbergh, M.P. 2014. The Implications of Private Environmental Governance, Cornell Law Review 99: 117 -138

2013 Publications

Ayers, J. C., S. Crombie, M. Loflin, C. F. Miller, and Y. Luo (2013). "Monazite alteration in the Searchlight contact metamorphic aureole, Southern Nevada." American Journal of Science, 313(4): 345-394.

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Flewelling, S. A., G. M. Hornberger, J. S. Herman, A. L. Mills, and W. M. Robertson (2013). "Diel patterns in coastal-stream nitrate concentrations linked to evapotranspiration in the riparian zone of a low-relief, agricultural catchment." Hydrological Processes. doi: 10.1002/hyp.9763, Forthcoming.

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2012 Publications

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2011 Publications

Carrico, A. R., and M. Riemer (2011). "Motivating energy conservation in the workplace: An evaluation of the use of group-level feedback and peer education." Journal of Environmental Psychology 31(1): 1-13.

Carrico, A. R., M. P. Vandenbergh, P. C. Stern, G. T. Gardner, T. Dietz, and J. M. Gilligan (2011). "Energy and climate change: Key lessons for implementing the behavioral wedge." Journal of Energy and Environmental Law, Winter: 61–67.

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