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About Us


The Vanderbilt Institute for Energy and the Environment (VIEE) is Vanderbilt University’s central networking hub for research and education related to energy and the environment. The VIEE facilitates transinstitutional connections that link all schools and disciplines represented at Vanderbilt, including the physical sciences, the social and behavioral sciences, engineering, education, religion, health and medicine, and law and policy. VIEE’s programs include the following: 

Information Sharing

  • Weekly VIEE meeting, including short presentation by on-campus faculty and students and by off-campus visitors, and monthly lunch-time meeting for networking of faculty and students.
  • Meetings with individuals and research groups, including the university’s Sustainability Advisory Council.
  • Maintain and update web site and listserv.
  • Meetings with prospective candidates to showcase interdisciplinary connection.
  • Assist with and organize university events.

External Relations

  • Work with Development and Alumni Relations to develop information-sharing with alumni in environmental occupations or with environmental interests.
  • Provide information for news media reports by provost’s office.
  • Maintain a list of immersion opportunities and internships for students.
  • Facilitate contacts between Vanderbilt and area organizations (businesses, governments, and nonprofits) related to energy and environment.


  • Facilitate, lead, and/or conduct transinstitutional research that directly link the social and behavioral sciences, physical sciences, engineering, law and policy, and other fields that bear on energy and environmental decision-making by individuals and by public and private institutions.
  • Track and forward grant and foundation RFPs for faculty.
  • Provide administrative support for research projects by VIEE-affiliated faculty.
  • Track all environmental and energy research by faculty across all of the schools, maintain an up-to-date web site that lists all research from 2015 to the present, and provide a monthly update of new research by faculty and graduate students.
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