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AIAA RLV Technical Committee

The AIAA Reusable Launch Vehicle Technical Committee, Chaired by Professor Amrutur Anilkumar,  overlooks the developments in the Reusable Launch Vehicle Arena.  Its focus is on: (i) non-destructive inspection technologies that could have strong implications in assessing re-flight fitness and readiness of launch vehicles, (ii) developments in the materials engineering field with direct implications to RLV design, (iii) periodic assessment of RLV players and their offerings, and (iv) academic outreach through sponsoring of RLV design and development projects at NASA Student launch Competitions.

The RLV TC meets periodically to listen to developments in the field and develop recommendations and policy papers for AIAA.



A Reliability-Based Damage Tolerance Method for Reusable Launch and Space Vehicle Hardware

Leland Shimizu

Senior Engineer, Aerospace Corporation

Tuesday Nov 14

Capturing Mechanics at Extreme Environments: From High-speed Flight to Planetary Exploration

Seetha Raghavan, Ph.D.

Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Associate Dean of Research & Graduate Studies,

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Tuesday August 29

Dream Chaser Mission to ISS

Sara Tsai: Sierra Space

Wednesday May 10 2023

Sierra Space  AIAA RLV Roundtable Public

In-Space Manufacturing, an RLV Enabled Technology

Jordan Croom : Varda Space

Wednesday March 22 2023

Jordan Croom Presentation

Fiber-Optic Sensing and Applications to Reusable Launch Vehicles

Patrick Chan, Ph.D.

NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center

Tuesday March 8 2022

Reusability in the New Space Revolution

 Zachary Friedman

RLV TC Member and President Vanderbilt Rocket Team

Vanderbilt University;

Tuesday April 12 2022

Friedman Seminar Slides

Burn-Resistant Materials for High-Performance Reusable Rocket Engines

Zachary Cordero, Ph.D. 

Boeing Assistant Professor

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tuesday July 12, 2022

Mission Assurance for Reusable Launch Vehicles

Vinay Goyal

Technical Fellow Aerospace Corporation

Tuesday September 13 2022

Goyal Seminar Slides

RLV Sponsored Awards at NASA Student Launch Competition
AIAA  Reusable Launch Vehicle Design Award

Presented to the team with the most creative and innovative and well-constructed overall rocket design while still maintaining safety and efficiency:

2021: NC State University, Rayleigh, NC

2022: Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

2023: New York University

AIAA  Reusable Launch Vehicle Innovative Payload Design Award

Presented to the team with the most creative and innovative payload design while maximizing safety and science value

2022: University of North Carolina, Charlotte

2023: University of Alabama, Huntsville