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 A Tradition of Excellence

“Innovation is what drives us. The fundamentals are essential, but more important is learning how to make; how to create something from nothing. The quest for problem solving and teamwork binds us into a lifelong pursuit of excellence in academics and personal achievement.  Every year, we tackle HUGE problems with a small team, and every year we encounter success via the extreme work ethic of our members. The Vanderbilt Aerospace Design Lab represents a tradition of excellence that we all try to uphold.”

 Unique Designs

Our design philosophy is to look for unique, out-of-the-box solutions. Elegance and novelty are on par with form and function. R&D, prototyping, structural integrity, scientific exploration and engineering fundamentals all play integral roles in our process.

Novel Implementation

We belabor on the details to make things work the right way. We iterate through designs until we decide on something worth building. We use cutting-edge tools to develop solutions to some of the world’s hardest problems.

Ambitious Engineers

Our alumni have laid out a blueprint for success and the current members commit to upholding a tradition of excellence. We are students, scientists, engineers, and trailblazers. We don’t back down from challenges- we embrace them.