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New MoveVU program provides backup ‘Guaranteed Ride Home’ for enrolled commuters

Posted by on Monday, June 28, 2021 in News, Transportation.

MoveVU Guaranteed Ride Home


A new MoveVU program called “Guaranteed Ride Home” provides sustainable commuters* with a free Lyft ride home in the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance. This new offering is available to faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate and professional students. Available through the MoveVU Commute Hub, the program is intended to offer eligible users the safety net and confidence they need to feel comfortable taking sustainable commute options to campus, knowing that they will be able to take a free ride home a certain number of times a year if necessary. 

*sustainable commuter refers to someone who takes a sustainable commute mode to campus. Sustainable commutes include: walking, biking, carpool, commuter rail, bus and vanpool.


  • Users must have a MoveVU Commute Hub account and a Lyft account, and complete the Ridehail Program: Waiver and Release at least 48 hours before first use 
  • Guaranteed Ride Home can only be accessed by those who log their sustainable commute that same day into the Commute Calendar within the MoveVU Commute Hub 
  • The Guaranteed Ride Home trip must originate on campus 

Eligible commuters can receive a free Lyft ride home eight (8) times a year, for up to four (4) free rides July 1–Dec. 31 and an additional four (4) free rides Jan. 1–June 30. 


  • Family emergency 
  • Missed carpool/vanpool 
  • Illness/injury 
  • Unplanned overtime 


  • Personal injury or illness requiring emergency medical services (call 911 instead) 
  • Inclement weather 
  • Transit service failure 
  • Travel from home to campus 
  • Travel to a planned medical appointment  
  • Business-related travel 
  • Travel to take care of personal errands  


For more information, please visit the MoveVU Commute Hub. You may contact the Transportation and Mobility Office at if you have any questions. 


MoveVUMoveVU is Vanderbilt’s strategic transportation and mobility plan that falls under the FutureVU comprehensive campus planning efforts. For more information, visit the MoveVU website.

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