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The Department of Student Athletics has a very active Tutoring Program with the goal of providing the student-athlete with the best possible academic assistance. The Tutoring Program has tutors covering over 30 different academic areas, and working with over half of our student-athletes. If a tutor is needed in a subject not currently covered, the best effort will be made to hire an additional tutor to fit the student-athlete’s need. Individual as well as small group tutoring is available to all student-athletes. All tutoring sessions are held throughout the Student Services Center.

All tutor requests are to be made through the student-athlete’s Student Services Coordinator. After each tutoring appointment, the tutor submits a report of the session, updating the Student Services Coordinator and the Tutor Coordinator on the academic progress of the student-athlete. Tutoring sessions act as a review and further explanation of the material covered in class, not as a substitution for class attendance. All services are provided at no cost to all student-athletes.