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Personal Development

A Commitment to Personal Development ensures that each student-athlete participating in Vanderbilt Athletics will be provided with opportunities to focus on personal growth issues such as clarifying values, setting goals, and learning fiscal responsibility. Each component will be focused toward developing a healthy lifestyle.



Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Student Wellbeing



Social Media Presence

Authentic Manhood

Prevention Playbook

Health Enhancement Committee

The Health Enhancement Committee is comprised of health care professionals and support service members that work together for the benefit of the student-athlete.

Our purpose is to recognize any student-athlete issues that arise as part of their student-athlete experience and address them through a multi-disciplinary approach.  We want to educate the student-athlete to become better aware of their overall health (physical, mental, and emotional) that will translate into allowing them achieve their full athletic potential. We also want to develop programs to assist the student-athlete to become better overall individuals for their future beyond their collegiate careers.

Lori Alexander
Senior Associate AD – Soccer, Tennis, Sports Medicine
Jessica Bennett
Registered Dietitian
Alda Burston, ATC
Athletic Trainer
Eugene Henderson, M.S., Assistant AD for Academic Support and Academic Counselor
Sara Melby MA, ATC
Athletic Trainer
Jenny Owens, M.A.
Clinical Psychology Intern
Alison Wenzel, M.A.
Assistant AD for
Student Athlete

Dr. Vickie Woosely
Sports Psychologist