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International Strategy


Vanderbilt’s Academic Strategic Plan makes clear our commitment to advance discovery and learning in service to humanity, addressing challenges big and small, local to global. Universities have an unrivaled capacity to produce unbiased information, groundbreaking research and scholarly collaborations in service to the community and society at large. To fulfill the vision and aspirations of its strategic plan, Vanderbilt must further its global engagement.

Vanderbilt is now in the process of implementing recommendations from the International Strategy Working Group's 2017 report. These initial actions include:

  • Creation of a Vanderbilt "global scholars" program

  • Development of an international media and alumni outreach campaign

  • Enhancements to administrative processes related to international research and scholarship

  • Consideration of next steps for a new institute, center or framework to support our academic global strategy

Click on the sections above and below for more information on each and check back often for the latest developments.

The input of the Vanderbilt community is highly valued, and you are encouraged to complete and submit the International Strategy Feedback Form