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Crafting an International Communications Outreach Campaign

BBC WorldThe university is taking action now to capitalize on the momentum created by Vanderbilt’s extraordinary academic performance, world-class research and highly accomplished students and alumni, all of which position us to continually enhance the global profile of the university.

Vice Chancellor for Communications  

Approximately one year ago, the university appointed a new vice chancellor for communications and the Division of Communications has worked closely with the administration and faculty to inform a comprehensive redesign its structure, and resources and is in the process of developing a new university-wide strategic communications plan. 

Communications and Marketing Activities

This plan will include specific communications and marketing activities aimed at amplifying Vanderbilt’s international presence with a focus on international scholars, prospective students, foundations, donors, alumni and corporations/employers. The plan will include measurable 2020 growth goals for international visibility across traditional media, web, social media, events and other platforms.

This activity ultimately aims to measurably enhance our global reputation and visibility, resulting in increased interest in Vanderbilt from international students and researchers. It will also serve to strategically position efforts resulting from the International Strategy for scholarship and research including the visiting scholar’s program and a potential future institute.

Committee on Enhancing Faculty Voices in the Public Sphere

This committee is developing a proposal for additional ways in which the university can support faculty who seek to further the impact of their achievements by communicating their research to a broader audience, including international audiences. The Committee’s report includes recommendations for the establishment of a Chancellor’s Public Voices Fellowship and recommendations for enhancements to the Division of Communications’ capacity to amplify faculty scholarship. 

Next Steps

The Division of Communications will hold small workshops within each school to gather information to inform overall goals, identify target international markets and identify both content and engagement opportunities that have the potential to be leveraged internationally.