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Graduate Education

Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan

Recruiting and retaining exceptional graduate students who will go on to become leaders in their fields is the top priority for graduate education at Vanderbilt University. As a leading research university, it is critical that Vanderbilt advance graduate education in key ways to attract the best students and support them while they are here.

Graduate Education and Research Endowment Committee

Utilizing the input compiled from committees across Vanderbilt's ten schools and colleges, this committee was charged to work together with the Provost to prepare a set of recommendations for the Chancellor on how to deploy a proposed endowment fund for graduate education and research (first set into action during the Fall Faculty Assembly).

Deriving an action plan from strategic planning at the intersection of disciplines, the overarching goal of the investment is to truly propel the university to excellence in graduate education. In May 2017, this committee authored a report to outline its priorities for how to deploy an endowment specifically earmarked to support graduate education and research. Working groups will be convened in the coming weeks and months to further develop plans for implementation of these funds. A link to the report can be found below.

 Committee Members

Report: Investing in Graduate Education and Research

Russell G. Hamilton Leadership Institute Planning Group

The Russell G. Hamilton Leadership Institute planning group is charged with crafting recommendations for an institute that will provide graduate students with professional leadership training and robust career development support. The planning group is also charged with finding ways to incorporate additional opportunities for real-world interdisciplinary research.

Committee Members

Graduate Education Study Group

In Fall 2014, this group was charged with working to articulate a vision for the future of graduate education at Vanderbilt with an eye on the university's Academic Strategic Plan. Their work took into account national conversations and challenges facing the disciplines.

Committee Members

Executive Summary of Key Recommendations

A New Vision for Graduate Education at Vanderbilt

Key Priorities for Graduate Education

  1. Recruiting and retaining exceptional and diverse graduate students who will become leaders in their fields globally, and elevating the quality of those students;
  2. Strengthening career development services to more effectively prepare the next generation of scholars, teachers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and leaders; measuring the success of those efforts; and recognizing faculty members’ efforts in supporting graduate education;
  3. Continuing to invest in seeding innovation both within disciplines and trans-institutionally to support interdisciplinary collaboration, teaching and research in alignment with the Academic Strategic Plan;
  4. Increasing investment in graduate education in a manner consistent with the university’s investment in undergraduate education through efforts such as graduate student housing and a university-wide faculty graduate teaching award;
  5. Streamlining and enriching graduate student life by expanding student support systems, including those for physical and mental health, and ensuring robust support in areas such as health insurance, child care, parking and housing; and
  6. Expanding support for and coordination of postdoctoral fellows by bringing them together under one umbrella under the leadership of the Graduate School.