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Developing a Vanderbilt Global Scholars Program

Visiting ScholarsThe International Strategy Working Group report calls for the creation of a "global scholars" program that targets prominent figures and rising stars that can substantively contribute to faculty projects and student education. Having sustained interaction with the Vanderbilt community will enable the visiting scholars to then serve as informal ambassadors for Vanderbilt when they return to their home institutions or roles. 

Synergies Across Other Initiatives

The Vanderbilt University Research Council, the Chancellor's Humanities Committee and the Graduate Education and Research Endowment Committee have also called for visiting faculty/fellow programs of varying types. Any such program should be designed to meet the combined needs to the greatest extent possible.

Advisory/Implementation Committee

An advisory committee shall develop an implementation plan. Among the details to be determined include: timeline, selection process, programmatic components, needed resources and related budget, model for setting a rate for the tower apartments and a communications plan.

This committee will be established in summer 2018 and is expected to work in fall 2018. If you have input or would like to contribute to the committee's work, please leave a comment or question in the space provided on this online form