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Our Space

SCSJI is excited to have multiple spaces for students to utilize throughout their collegiate experience. The Multicultural Lounge (MCL) is a wonderful space for student engagement as well as student organization events. The Multicultural Lounge (MCL) and Multicultural Community Space (MCS) provides a sense of belonging to students of various social identities on campus. Both spaces can be utilized for events, programming, hangouts, and more. The MCL houses SCSJI’s offices and features dynamic seating that can be used for group meetings, programs, presentations, and more depending on students’ needs.

The MCS, which opened in October 2021, is located in the West End Neighborhood. Student leaders and organizations that are coached by the SCSJI and are a part of the Multicultural Leadership Council can reserve the space, with the hope that cultural groups will make the MCS their own and cultivate community. The MCS features a meeting room that can be used for lounge space or reserved for group meetings, presentations and more. In addition, the space has a full kitchen and can accommodate rehearsals, banquets and event after parties. The MCS also provides several rooms that can serve as storage space for the student organizations affiliated with SCSJI.

SCSJI’s hope is that these spaces foster community across dialogue and inclusive engagement that affirm and uplift multicultural identities represented on Vanderbilt’s campus. SCSJI is a space for all to engage and learn!

Student organizations advised by SCSJI and a part of Multicultural Leadership Council can reserve both the MCL and MCS for their meetings and events by reserving it on EMS. Students can use the link below to reserve spaces.

Reserve the Lounge