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RIPS Director

Cindy Kam

Current Participants

Allison Anoll

James Bisbee

Lucas Borba

Aaron Clark

Lisa Fazio

Martin Gou

Diana Lee

Colette Marcellin

Giovanni Bastiani Roggia

John Sides

Mark Susmann

Alec Tripp

RIPS Alumni (Former Graduate Students and Postdocs)

  • Jennifer Anderson (Teaching Innovation Learning Lab, University of Louisville)
  • Allison Archer (Assistant Professor, University of Houston)
  • Fred Batista (Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
  • Charles Breton (Centre of Excellence on the Canadian Federation)
  • Camille Burge (Associate Professor, Villanova University)
  • Maggie Deichert (Dallas Housing Authority)
  • Andrew Engelhardt (Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Greensboro) 
  • Beth Estes (The Writing Studio, Vanderbilt)
  • Adam Seth Levine (Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University)
  • James Martherus (Morning Consult)
  • Marzia Oceno (Assistant Professor, Florida International University)
  • Nara Pavão (Assistant Professor, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil)
  • Isaac Riddle (Founder, DFL Technology)
  • Marc Trussler (Director of Data Sciences, University of Pennsylvania Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies)
  • Stephen Utych (Senior Research Consultant, Shift Paradigm; formerly Associate Professor of Political Science, Boise State University)
  • Kirill Zhirkov (Assistant Professor, University of Virginia)
  • Daniel Zizumbo-Colunga (Assistant Professor, CIDE-Aguascalientes)