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Commons Faculty Heads of House

Faculty living on The Ingram Commons with students is vital to the academic strategy of Vanderbilt University. “Faculty head of house” is a distinguished position for a Vanderbilt faculty member. There are ten faculty heads. Our faculty heads of house and dean represent three of the four undergraduate schools (A&S, Engineering, and Peabody), the School of Medicine, and the School of Nursing. Among them are noted researchers, scholars, writers, and award-winning teachers. They are real people with diverse backgrounds, interests, experiences, and professional accomplishments.

Each of the ten faculty heads of house live year-round on The Ingram Commons in apartments located in each house. Some of the faculty heads are single, others live with their spouses, partners, and families, including young children, teenagers, family members, and pets. They continue to teach classes and do their research and administrative work. They are also present in the house as its faculty mentor, role model, and guide who shapes the living and learning community of the house. They oversee a programming budget and work closely with the resident advisers, the officers of the House Programming Advisory Council (HPAC), and other residents of the house to create innovative, challenging, and fun programs that enrich the educational experience of each house and The Ingram Commons as a whole. They are not house parents, dorm moms and dads, or faculty advisers. They are faculty heads of house and are among the university’s most dynamic individuals.

Faculty Heads of House
Photo of Eric J. Barth

Eric J. Barth

Faculty Head
Hank Ingram House

Photo of Celso Castilho

Celso Castilho

Faculty Head
Memorial House

Photo of Brittany Chase

Brittany Chase

Faculty Head
Gillette House

Photo of Andy Finch

Andy Finch

Faculty Head
North House

Photo of Huili Hong

Huili Hong

Faculty Head
West House

Photo of Douglas McMahon

Douglas McMahon

Faculty Head
Crawford House

Photo of Elizabeth Meadows

Elizabeth Meadows

Faculty Head
East House

Photo of Jessica Oster

Jessica Oster

Faculty Head
Stambaugh House

Photo of Renã AS Robinson

Renã AS Robinson

Faculty Head
Murray House

Photo of Chezare Warren

Chezare Warren

Faculty Head
Sutherland House