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Seeding Success Grant

The Seeding Success Grant supports new work or directions with strong potential for impact or funding from federal, foundation, or industry sponsors.

The Seeding Success Grant has been updated, and now offers seed opportunity funding exclusively. The course buyout track formerly offered by the Seeding Success Grant is no longer available, but faculty may propose a course buyout via the separate Scaling Success Grant with the support of their dean.  In all other respects, the Seeding Success Grant is the same as in previous calls.

Fund Uses

The Seeding Success Grant may generally be used for:

  • Capital expenses
  • Postdoctoral hires
  • Graduate student wages, stipends, and fees
  • Term limited consultants or skilled workers such as a web programmer or survey developer
  • Scientific and technical staff salaries
  • Travel
  • Materials or supplies

Unallowable uses generally include:

  • Book subventions
  • Faculty salaries
  • Tuition or financial aid support for students.

Award Eligibility & Terms

  • Project funding is $5,000 to $60,000 a year for up to two years, with larger amounts considered if proposal warrants and program budget allows.
  • All full-time, VU-employed faculty are eligible.
  • Faculty may submit up to one proposal per application cycle as lead faculty.
  • Applicants are encouraged to consider how their proposal advances inclusive excellence.
  • Project funding cannot support faculty salary.
  • Faculty are not eligible to submit another proposal until all reporting requirements have been met.
  • Each participating faculty member must disclose all institutional research support funds, including endowed-chair funds, annual allocations, and other such sources.
  • All funds must be used within the awarded project period (i.e. no carry forward).

Review Process

  • Proposals will be due once per semester. This twice-annual deadline will provide increased flexibility for faculty to leverage their funding.

Seeding Success Reviewers 

Application Checklist & Information

The applications for Seeding Success must be submitted to the InfoReady portal. Please check back later for the Fall 2022 Application portal.

The next application deadline for Seeding Success Grants will be September 7, 2022 at 11:59 PM. 

Application Checklist

Part I: Applicant Information

This section comprises text boxes.

  • Lead Faculty First and Last Name
  • Lead Faculty VUnetID
  • Lead Faculty Department
  • Lead Faculty Appointment Title
  • Collaborators (up to 4 faculty)

Part II: Proposal Information

This section comprises text boxes.

  • Proposal Title
  • Project Summary (150 words)
  • Project Proposal including detailed description of work to be completed, project timeline, and how funds will be used. (2,000 words)
  • Significance and impact of work/scholarship on the field, the university, and/or the faculty involved; as well as what future works, events, etc., would be targeted or made possible by completing the proposed project. (500 words)
  • For requests targeting future external sponsorship: if awarded, to what external agency or sponsor you will apply for continued funding? (150 words)
  • Disclosure of all current internal funding for all VU faculty involved, including sources and amounts. Each participating faculty member must disclose all institutional research support funds, including endowed-chair funds, annual allocations, and other such sources. If none, please put N/A.
  • Total amount of funding requested 
  • Number of years of funding requested
  • Total funding requested for Y1 (please note unspent funds are not available to carry forward to the next year)
  • Total funding requested for Y2

Part III: Uploads

These uploads must in .pdf format. Additional written content or files, other than what is described before, will not be reviewed.

  • Detailed budget (Please use the budget format available in InfoReady)
  • Faculty must upload a document that includes their five most recent publications, creative activity, or works. (This includes co-applicants.)
  • If applicable, faculty must upload all external sponsorship for the last five years, including the following information: Project Title, Sponsoring Group/Agency, Grant or Award Type, Role, Dates of Funding, and Total Award. (This also includes co-applicants.)
  • Optional supporting image attachment.  Such attachments are only for images or graphics that cannot be included in the program description text box.

Previous Seeding Success Awardees

Contact Information

For questions or concerns about the Seeding Success program, please email