TIPs Funding Categories

Trans-Institutional Programs

Funding Categories

Vanderbilt Initiative Awards (ViA)

Vanderbilt Initiative Awards provide seed funding to help faculty launch innovative ideas for discovery and learning with colleagues from diverse disciplines. The program should demonstrate independent value with the possibility of becoming a new center or institute. 

The Council and Review Panels are interested in innovative ideas that will position Vanderbilt as a leader in a given area. Proposals should aim to address questions and solve problems of importance to society by bringing together experts from a diverse set of disciplines and groups of thought. Programs that show the potential to become a major hub of activity that will advance the core missions of Vanderbilt will be given priority.

  • ViA proposals allow up to $100,000 per year for two years and exceptions to this rule are both rare and require detailed justification. The schools/colleges will not commit additional funds to ViAs.
  • ViA proposals should involve work that is valuable even if funding does not continue beyond the first two years.
  • A proposal for new work, which could serve as a springboard to a new trans-institutional center/institute, is appropriate.
  • At the end of a successful ViA award, applications for a Vanderbilt Re-investment Award and the possible transition to a more sustainable platform may be considered.

Vanderbilt Re-investment Awards (VRA)

Vanderbilt Re-investment Awards provide funds to existing centers and institutes to facilitate discovery and learning collaborations across campus. The program is geared to help these centers/institutes advance to the next level, launch new activities, enhance current capabilities and ensure continued success.

The Council is interested in the center/institute's past record of accomplishment as well as the impact, breadth and depth of discovery and learning. Evidence must also be provided for national and international leadership in the relevant areas related to discovery and learning. When assessing ViA to VRA applications, the Council considers the success of the ViA award as demonstrated through progress and final reports, the measures of success achieved and the quality of the trans-institutional collaboration. All VRA full proposal applicants will be required to give an oral presentation.

  • It is recognized that the re-investment required might be highly variable dependent on the scope of activities and focus of study, and, therefore, budgets will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please note, awards are for a maximum of five years.
  • Sustainability of the center or institute in the form of strategic, explicit external funding opportunities should be described where feasible.
  • VRA applications must secure partnerships with all relevant deans as part of the full-proposal submission process.