Trans-Institutional Programs (TIPs)

PLEASE NOTE: As of June 2020, Trans-Institutional Programs (TIPs) completed its funding commitment in full. Launched in 2015 as a $50 million initiative over five years, the competition was extended in fall 2019 for an additional year. While the program will end upon the completion of its sixth and final award cycle, we are enthusiastic about the possibility of a new funding initiative in future years and additional opportunities for trans-institutional engagement moving forward. Contact Program Manager Schyler Turrin or Program Coordinator Annie Hornung with questions.

Trans-institutional Programs

Trans-Institutional Programs (TIPs) are a centerpiece of the Academic Strategic Plan. The program is designed to support new ideas, cutting-edge research and the development of infrastructure by supporting emerging and existing trans-institutional centers and institutes. The awards are meant to support organizations that facilitate research and teaching collaborations across disciplines, aim to address topics of critical academic and societal interest, embrace discovery and spark learning to position Vanderbilt as a world leader in a given area. This program is open to all VU and VUMC-employed faculty.


For more information about the program or the proposal process:

Schyler Turrin
Project and Program Manager 
(615) 875-1027

Annie Hornung
Program Coordinator
(615) 343-1074