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Projects by year


The 16 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2019 are listed below.

Research Scholar Fellowship

  • Lending and Borrowing Across the Color Line in the Antebellum American South – Kimberly Welch (History)
  • Like an Ink Blot on Paper: Testing the Diffusion Hypothesis of Mass Migration, Italy 1875-1920 – Ariell Zimran (Economics)
  • The Transient Renaissance: Contagion, Communion, and Ethical Risk – Kathryn Schwarz (English)
  • Twenty-First Century Climate Fiction – Teresa Goddu (English)
  • “Vernacular English” Book Project and “A Postcolonial Aesthetic” Essay – Akshya Saxena (English)
  • When the Good Life Goes Bad: Examining the Seven Deadly Sins in the Trump Era – Stacey Floyd-Thomas (Divinity)

Faculty Development Grant

  • Blair Woodwind Quintet Audio/Visual Recording Project – Molly Barth (Woodwinds)
  • Finding Family, Finding Home: Forensic and Isotopic Studies to Identify Genocide Victims in Peru – Tiffany Tung (Anthropology)
  • Fostering New Works for Percussion by Women Composers – Ji Hye Jung (Brass & Percussion)
  • Publication of The Sovereign Street – Carwil Bjork-James (Anthropology)


  • Da Abertura à Crise: contemporary Brazilian literature and socio-political change – Emanuelle Oliveira-Monte (Spanish & Portuguese)

Summer Stipend

  • Building Resilience into the Water Treatment Process – Janey Camp (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
  • City of Zanatany: Built Space and Urban Belonging in Mahajanga, Madagascar – Tasha Rijke-Epstein (History)
  • Exploring Intersex in Science, Law, Culture, and Theology – Stephanie Budwey (Divinity)
  • The Judgment of the Provinces: Law, Culture, and Empire in the Roman East – Ari Bryen (History)
  • Sourcing ancient Maya petrified wood – Markus Eberl (Anthropology)

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The 19 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2018 are listed below.

Research Scholar Fellowship

  • Troubled Teens: Psychiatry and the Shaping of Adolescence in the Wake of Brazil’s New Democracy – Dominique Behague (Psychology)
  • Lucretian Poetics Book Project Completion and Second Book Research – Jessie Hock (English)
  • Islam through American Eyes: Examining How Postwar Anthropologists Created Knowledge of Islamic Communities through the Case of Clifford Geertz (1926-2006) – Laura Stark (Medicine, Health & Society)
  • Reflections on Ancient Greek Mirrors: An Object-Biographical Approach – Mireille Lee (History of Art)
  • Stagecraft / Art History Archive: Memory and Photographic Obsolescence – Vesna Pavlovic (Art)
  • Marriage Markets and the Assimilation of Immigrants in the Early 20th Century – Frederico Gutierrez (Economics)
  • Atlantic Transformations: The Many Lives of Captain Francisco Menendez and his ‘Subjects’ – Jane Landers (History)
  • LGBT Rights, Organizing and Health in Criminalized Contexts – Tara McKay (Medicine, Health & Society)
  • The Making of Kings: African Sovereignty in the British Atlantic World – Catherine Molineux (History)

Faculty Development Grant

  • Invention and Imagination: Broadening Skills for the Classical Musician – Jared Hauser (Woodwinds)
  • Ryan Middagh Jazz Orchestra, Recording of New Works – Ryan Middagh (Composition/Theory)


  • Parthenon^2: Digital Approaches to Architectural Archaeology – Betsey Robinson (History of Art)
  • Reactive Lipids in Biology and Disease: The 10th Biennial Meeting of the International 4-Hydroxynonenal (HNE) Club – Sean Davies (Pharmacology)
  • From MLK to BLM: A Half Century of Struggle – Phillis Sheppard (Divinity School)

Summer Stipend  

  • Black Moneylenders in the Antebellum U.S. South – Kimberly Welch (History)
  • Burn Pit Exposure, Diagnostic Dilemmas and Toxic War – Ken MacLeish (Medicine, Health & Society)
  • Challenging the Racist Right – Sophie Bjork-James (Anthropology)
  • German Idealism and the Future of Political Theology: Kant to Marx – Alex Dubilet (English)

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The 19 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2017 are listed below.

  • LGBT Rights and Health in Mozambique – Tara McKay (Medicine, Health & Society)
  • The Wiley-Blackwell Reader in Practical Theology – Bonnie Miller-McLemore (Divinity School)
  • Vanderbilt Symposium on Cell Dynamics – Jason MacGurn (Cell & Developmental Biology)
  • The Palimpsest of Justice: Legal Trials and Romantic Print Culture, 1770–1835 (partial) – Mark Schoenfield (English)
  • Space and Territory in Socio-Environmental Conflicts/The Sovereign Street – Carwil Bjork-James (Anthropology)
  • Punish Liars, Not Free-Riders: The Role of Communication in Collective Action – Brenton Kenkel (Political Science)
  • From Dams to Temples: Infrastructure, Ecology and the Religious Landscapes of Delhi – Anand Taneja (Religious Studies)
  • The Trans-American Repertoires of Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Celso Castilho (History)
  • Species-Being: The Normative Foundations of Ethical Life – Karen Ng (Philosophy)
  • The Marginal Congestion of a Taxi in New York City – Alejandro Molnar (Economics)
  • Precarious Forms: Performance and Politics in the Neoliberal Americas – Candice Amich (English)
  • Lallubhai: An Alternative History of Indian Capitalism – Samira Sheikh (History)
  • The Lucretian Imagination ~ Book Project – Jessie Hock (English)
  • The Hollys: Migration, Family and the Forging of Diaspora – Brandon Byrd (History)
  • U.S. Women’s Legal Activism in the Judicial Arena – Holly McCammon (Sociology)
  • Black Women in Tennessee, from Slavery to Freedom – Brandon Byrd (History)
  • Urban Community Health in the Ancient Wari Empire of Peru – Tiffany Tung (Anthropology)
  • Islamic Juristic Competition in North America – Phillip Ackerman-Lieberman (Jewish Studies)

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The 27 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2016 are listed below.

  • The Sound of Africa in the Caribbean: Tambu Drumming in the Netherlands Antilles (Aruba) – Gregory Barz (Blair School of Music)
  • Retention of Minority Students in Secondary Music Programs – Tucker Biddlecombe (Blair School of Music)
  • The Blakemore Trio Records Music of Adam Schoenberg – Carolyn Huebl (Blair School of Music)
  • Oriental by Design: Ottoman Jews and the Stuff of Empire – Julia Philips Cohen (Jewish Studies)
  • Land Tenure at the Ancient Maya Capital of Tamarindito, Guatemala – Markus Eberl (Anthropology)
  • Tiwanaku Stone Sculptures: Research in European Collections and Institutes – John Wayne Janusek (Anthropology)
  • Research and Development of a Program in Cultural Heritage at Vanderbilt University – Mireille Lee (History of Art)
  • Mannered Monks and Model Kings: Worldly Buddhists in Early Modern Tibet – Nancy Lin (Religious Studies)
  • Problematizing Health and Compliance in a Veteran Treatment Court – Kenneth MacLeish (Medicine, Health & Society)
  • American Modernism at Mid-Century: The Work of Morris Davidson, Painter and Educator – Kevin Murphy (History of Art)
  • Immersive Video Games for Learning Medieval Language and Culture: Theory and Practice – Lynn Tarte Ramey (French & Italian)
  • Alaskan Film Project – Jonathan Rattner (Cinema and Media Arts)
  • A New History of Human ‘Guinea Pigs’: Creating the Postwar Market for Human Subjects – Laura Stark (Medicine, Health & Society)
  • Identifying the Childhood Homelands of the Enslaved Community at the Grassmere Plantation, Nashville: A Bioarchaeological and Isotopic Approach – Tiffany Tung (Anthropology)
  • Negotiating Traditions: Lois Mailou Jones, Africa and the Composite Aesthetics of Blackness – Rebecca Kegan VanDiver (History of Art)
  • Rusted Stories – Melvin Ziegler (Art)
  • An Epistemic Theory of Argument – Scott Aikin (Philosophy)
  • Public Bodies/Health Spaces – Mozhdeh Amelia Hamraie (Medicine, Health & Society)
  • Kidney Exchange with Immunosuppressants – Eun Jeong Heo (Economics)
  • Itinerant Preachers and Non-Sectarian Spaces: A Reassessment of Buddhism in Ancient Japan – Bryan Lowe (Religious Studies)
  • Agency vs. Structure: Investigating the Political Donations of Corporate Directors and Political Action Committees, 1980-2014 – Joshua Murray (Sociology)
  • From ‘La trata de blancas’ [‘The White Slave Trade’] to ‘Enslaved’ Immigrants: Race, Representation and Prostitution in Spain – Neica Michelle Murray (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • A Spectral Dialectic: The Ontology of Telepresence Technololgy – Haerin Shin (English)
  • New Forms of Home, New Forms of Work: Changes in the Organization of Aging – LaTonya Trotter (Sociology)
  • The Library of Eden: A History of Syriac Monastic Readers – David Michelson (Divinity School)
  • An Empirical Study of Federal Class Action Settlements, 2005-2015 – Brian Fitzpatrick (Law School)
  • Derivation of Multilevel Reliability Measures for Complex Multilevel Designs – Sun-Joo Cho (Peabody College)

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The 23 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2015 are listed below.

  • Baroque to Modern, Applying Historically Informed Performance Practice to the Modern Oboe – Jared Hauser (Blair School of Music)
  • Granada’s Lead Books and their Intellectual Impact: Pedro DE Castro and his Network of Moorish, Mestizo and Old Christian Scholars – Jose Cardenas Bunsen (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Senior Academics Forum on Traditional Chinese Architectural History: Academic Workshop and Exhibition of Architectural Photography – Tracy Miller (History of Art)
  • Climate, Land and Sea: Fourteen Millennia of Human History and the North Coast of Peru – Tom Dillehay (Anthropology)
  • Cinema and the Inhospitable World: A Monograph on Film Theory, Cinema Production and Environmental Criticism – Jennifer Fay (Cinema & Media Arts)
  • The Florentine Conspiracy (1360-61) – Elsa Filosa (French & Italian)
  • Lost Voices from the U.S. Civil Rights Movement: The Women of Selma – Edward Friedman (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Critical Participatory Action Research – Lisa Guenther (Philosophy)
  • Screen Printing: Framing and Supply Costs – Mark Hosford (Art)
  • Mapping the Stars: Celebrity and the Politics of Identity – Claire Sisco King (Communication Studies)
  • Research on Ancient Greek Bronze Mirrors at Isthmia and Athens, Greece – Mireille Lee (History of Art)
  • “What We Have Here” a Novel about a Metal Refinisher who Accompanies his Ex-wife and her Children on a Journey along El Camino Real through the California Mission Valley – Lorraine Lopez (English)
  • Beyond Sects and Founders: A New Ground-Level Approach to Buddhism – Bryan Lowe (Religious Studies)
  • Project I. Cultivating Democratic Citizenship: Evidence from Teach for All. Project II. Human Trafficking Vulnerability: An Experimental Intervention Using Mass Media to Change Norms and Behaviors in Nepal – Cecilia Mo (Political Science)
  • Lost Art: Obsolescence of Photographic Slides: Project Research and Development – Vesna Pavlovic (Art)
  • (Book Project) Orientations, Opportunities and Outcomes of Religion Entrepreneurship – Richard Pitt (Sociology)
  • Divine Prospects: Mounts Helicon and Parnassus in Ancient Experience and Imagination (research, writing and completion of scholarly monograph) – Betsey Ann Robinson (History of Art)
  • Alternative Qi: Science and Spirit in the Making of Global Chinese Medicine – Ruth Rogaski (History)
  • Business and Religion in 18th Century Gujarat – Samira Sheikh (History)
  • Subventions for two publication projects: 1) Houses of Ill Repute: Houses, Brothels and Taverns in the Greek War; 2) Morgantina Studies, Vol. 7, Houses and Households – Barbara Tsakigis (Classical & Mediterranean Studies)
  • The Cambridge Kant Lexicon – Julian Wuerth (Philosophy)
  • Liberation as Communion: Reformation Theologies in Historical Context – Paul Lim (Divinity School)
  • Convergence: U.S. Education Policy 50 Years after ESEA and HEA of 1965 – Christopher Loss (Peabody College)

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The 17 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2014 are listed below.

  • Globalization, Psychiatry and the Politics of Global Mental Health – Dominique Behague (Medicine, Health & Society)
  • Agricultural Terraces and the Power at the Ancient Maya Capital of Tamarindito, Guatemala – Mark Eberl (Anthropology)
  • Understanding Content Exposure in Reading and Mathematics During Kindergarten: A Cross-Cohort Analysis – Mimi Engel (Leadership, Policy & Organizations)
  • Don Quixote at 400 Years, Part II: A Symposium  – Ed Friedman (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Romanticism Re-Oriented: Indian Authors and English Literary Culture, 1770-1830 – Humberto Garcia (English)
  • Symposium on Contemporary Hispanic Theater: Enhancing Spanish-Language Proficiency & Community Engagement through Theater – Ruth Hill (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Pan-Africanism & Decolonization: The Life and Work of George Padmore – Peter Hudson (History)
  • Professor Bil Jackson’s Recording of Kevin Puts’s Clarinet Concerto – Bil Jackson (Blair School of Music)
  • To Heal the World: The Poetry of Juan Gelman and the Rabbinic Tradition of Tikkun Olam – Cathy Jrade (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Research for “Grisaille Manuscripts,” Essay Commissioned for the Exhibition Catalogue, COLOUR: The Art and Science of Illuminated Manuscripts, for the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge – Elizabeth Moody (History of Art)
  • Minority Patient Perspectives on Trust and Privacy Regarding DNA Samples Collected for Vanderbilt’s BioVU Biorepository – Amy Non (Anthropology)
  • Jim Crow Meets Racial Democracy: Indelible Memories, Shifting Identities and Changing Vocabularies in the Shadow of the Panama Canal – Ifeoma Nwankwo (English)
  • Gold Coast to Petro State: Sovereignty, Globalization and Resource Extraction in Ghana, West Africa – Jemima Pierre (African American & Diaspora Studies)
  • Trios from the Romantic to Avant-Garde – Melissa Rose (Blair School of Music)
  • Social Inequalities and their Effects on Diet in the Aftermath of Wari State Collapse: A Bioarchaeological and Isotopic Investigation – Tiffiny Tung (Anthropology)
  • Recovering the Lost Aristotle: Gersonides’ Silence About Aristotle’s Ethics/Politics – Idit Dobbs-Weinstein (Philosophy)
  • Robotic Archaeology: Toward a Comprehensive Semiautonomous Aerial Mapping System – Steve Wernke (Anthropology)

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The 18 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2013 are listed below.

  • The AmeriQuests Portal: Border-Crossing through the Americas – Bob Barsky (French & Italian)
  • Commissioning a Piano Reduction of Joan Tower’s Bassoon Concerto – Peter Kolkay (Blair School of Music)
  • Mobilizing the Law: Legal Activism in the U.S. Women’s Movement – Holly McCammon (Sociology)
  • Houses and Households around the Athenian Agora, 600-86 BCE  – Barbara Tsakirgis (Classics)
  • Iconography of Spectacle – Vesna Pavlovic (Art)
  • African Sovereignty in the British Atlantic World, 1580-1815 – Catherine Molineux (History)
  • Jews and Romanies: An Entangled History – Ari Joskowicz (Jewish Studies)
  • Warren Center 25th Anniversary Prog – Ed Friedman (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Preliminary Research on Aphrodite and Miorros in Corinth and Athens, Greece – Mireille Lee (History of Art)
  • Markets for Small Arms and the International Political Economy of Civil War – Brett Benson (Political Science)
  • Iceland Cinematic Haiku – Jonathan Rattner (Film Studies)
  • Albert Camus, Israel and Terrorism – Natalie Debrauwere-Miller (French & Italian)
  • The Painter Frida Kahlo – Leonard Folgarait (History of Art)
  • John Dewey and Social Justice – Robert Talisse (Philosophy)
  • Cardinal Virtues: Democracy, Human Rights and Liberation Theology – Paul Lim (Divinity School)
  • Religion Entrepreneurship: The Origins and Negotiation of a Church-Founder Identity – Richard Pitt (Sociology)
  • Epigenetic Consequences of Extreme Social Deprivation in Romanian Children – Amy Non (Anthropology)
  • Improvised Order? Architectural Survey of a Planned Colonial Town in Highland Peru – Steve Wernke (Anthropology)

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The 27 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2012 are listed below.

  • The Cassandra Project – Michael Aurbach (Art)
  • The Prime Minister’s Perspective on Brazilian Abolition: Joao Alfredo Correia and the Links to Pernambuco – Celso Castilho (History)
  • Aim High: The Life of Shirley Chisholm – Anastasia Curwood (African American & Diaspora Studies)
  • Theorizing Prisons from the Inside Out  – Lisa Guenther (Philosophy)
  • Large Format Screenprinting at Vanderbilt – Mark Hosford (Art)
  • An Analysis of the Ancient Inscriptions at Johns Hopkins University and the National Museum of Rome – Michael Johnson (Classical Studies)
  • Effects of Low Vitamin C Levels on the Sensory Nerves, the Memory and the Temperament of Scorbutic Victims, and how these account for Disturbances of Mood in Maritime History and Literature – Jonathan Lamb (English)
  • Revolutionary Horizons – Paul Miller (French & Italian)
  • Archival Research for Black Kinship in the Atlantic World: Encountering African Sovereignty around the Slave Trade – Catherine Molineux (History)
  • Governing Risk: Politics and Economy in Early Modern British Political Thought – Emily Nacol (Political Science)
  • Voices from Panama: History and Heritage from the City to the Canal Zone and Beyond, and Writing to Remember Ourselves: Intergenerational Perspectives on West Indian Heritage in Panama – Ifeoma Nwankwo (English)
  • Photographic Installation: Light-box and Acrylic Dome as a Display Technique – Vesna Pavlovic (Art)
  • African Migrations, African Returns: The Making of Modern Diasporas – Jemima Pierre (African American & Diaspora Studies)
  • Discoveries of the Americas Portal: Project Development – Lynn Ramey (French & Italian)
  • Sephardim in Merchant Empires: Evidence from the Portuguese Factory in Antwerp – Claudia Rei (Economics)
  • Gender, Secularism and Jewish Modernity: Jewish Women’s First-Person Narratives of Secular Modernity – Allison Schachter (Jewish Studies)
  • Aesthetic Networks: Victorian New Media and the Idea of Art – Rachel Tuekolsky (English)
  • Guillotine: Medicine and Terror in the French Revolution – Holly Tucker (French & Italian)
  • 18th-Century Wax Anatomy – Holly Tucker (French & Italian)
  • Archaeological Survey of … – Steve Wernke (Anthropology)
  • Development of Hip Hop Medical Intervention in Local South African Health Clinics – Greg Barz (Blair School of Music)
  • New Horizons for the Oboe: Commission and Recording of New Works by Libby Larson – Jared Hauser (Blair School of Music)
  • Silenced Author: The Writings of the Cuban Slave Poet Juan Francisco Manzano – William Luis (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Economies of Conversion: Vaishnavism and Religious Change in Early Modern Gujarat, Western India, 1650-1800 – Samira Sheikh (History)
  • The Caliphate’s Burden: Hausa-Fulani Sub-Colonialism and Middle Belt Consciousness in Nigeria –Moses Ochonu (History)
  • Artist in Residency at the School of Visual and Performing Arts, Tasmania Australia – Amelia Winger-Bearskin (Art)
  • Blinding Landscapes – Mel Ziegler (Art)

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The 23 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2011 are listed below.

  • Old Music, New Instrument: The Influences of Historically Informed Performance – Jared Hauser (Blair School of Music)
  • The American Horn Trio: The Commissioning and Recording of 21st Century Works for Horn, Violin and Piano – Leslie Norton (Blair School of Music)
  • British Studies Digital Archives Project – James Epstein (History)
  • Souvenir Yugoslavia Tourism Representation as a National Identity  – Vesna Pavlovic (Art)
  • Documenting Avukah: Language Theory, Policy and Zionism – Bob Barsky (French & Italian)
  • Spanish Theater: Text and Performance – Ed Friedman (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • God’s Problems: Revelations, Strange Providence and the Religious “Other” in Enlightenment England – Paul Lim (Divinity School)
  • Diabetes Types: Cultural History of a Chronic Disease – Arleen Tuchman (History)
  • The Epistemology of Extremism – Robert Talisse (Philosophy)
  • Advertising the Romantic Book: John Murray and the Profession of Letters – Dahlia Porter (English)
  • In the Caliphate’s Shadow: Hausa-Fulani Sub-Colonialism in the Nigerian Middle Belt – Moses Ochuno (History)
  • The Body, Dress and Identity in Early Greece – Mireille Lee (History of Art)
  • Arnold Schoenberg’s A Survivor from Warsawin Postwar Europe: The Czech Case Study, 1960-1968 – Joy Calico (Blair School of Music)
  • Dark Finance: Wall Street and the West Indies, 1873-1933 – Peter Hudson (History)
  • (Anti)Blackness Matters in Contemporary France – Trica Keaton (African American & Diaspora Studies)
  • Review of the Uncatalogued Papers of Oscar Hammerstein 2nd at the Library of Congress – James Lovensheimer (Blair School of Music)
  • Kenchreai Excavations 2011: Understanding Life and Death at a Port in Roman Greece – Joseph Rife (Classical Studies)
  • Power, Ethnicity and Honorific Address among the Highland Maya – Sergio Romero (Anthropology)
  • Study and Reproduction of Previously Inaccessible Documents, from 1650-1820, of the Bohra Muslim Community in Western India – Samira Sheikh (History)
  • A Medical Ethnomusicology Study of Popular Music as HIV/AIDS Intervention Among Youth in Lesotho (Southern Africa) –  Greg Barz (Blair School of Music)
  • Documenting the Descendants of the Panama Canal Builders through Film – Ifeoma Nwankwo (English)
  • Becoming Ottomans: Sephardi Jews and Imperial Belonging – Julia Phillips Cohen (Jewish Studies)
  • On the Limits of Christian Ethics – Ted Smith (Divinity School)

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The 14 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2010 are listed below.

  • Fashioning Imperial Citizens: Sephardi Jews and the Late Ottoman State – Julia Phillips Cohen (Jewish Studies)
  • Photographs as Objects, Large Format Scanning and Ink-Jet Printing – Vesna Pavlovic (Blair School of Music)
  • Finishing of the Book Manuscript Mystery Unveiled: The Crisis of Trinitarianism in 17th Century England (Oxford, 2011) – Paul Lim (Divinity School)
  • Does the Health Effect of Social Capital Vary with Age  – Lijun Song (Sociology)
  • Trios for Oboe, Horn and Piano – Jared Hauser (Blair School of Music)
  • Jewish Anticlericalism and Anti-Catholicism in Alsace since the French Revolution – Alexander Joskowicz (Jewish Studies)
  • Invisible Women: Female Patronage of Buddhist Artistic Productions in Medieval Eastern India – Jinha Kim (History of Art)
  • A World Premiere Recording by the Blakemore Trio: Gates of Silence, by Susan Botti – Carolyn Huebl (Blair School of Music)
  • Claiming and Framing: The Social Construction of Scientific Facts in the Mammography Screening Debate – Juleigh Petty (Medicine, Health & Society)
  • Preventing the Return of Disgust in Humans: A Learning-Based Approach – Bunmi Olatunji (Psychology)
  • Rapid Social Perception and Social Judgment Processes in Schizophrenia – Sohee Park (Psychology)
  • Constructs of Masculinity in Cold War Era American Musicals – Jim Lovensheimer (Blair School of Music)
  • Region and Locality in the Temple Architecture of the Central Yellow River Valley During China’s Middle Period – Tracy Miller (History of Art)
  • Danielle Kruglak: Early Midwifery, Bourgeois-Guillemeau Controversy Student-Faculty Research in Paris – Holly Tucker (French & Italian)

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The 19 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2009 are listed below.

  • The Object of Study: Theory, Interdisciplinary and the State of the Humanities – Frederick Friedman (Robert Penn Warren Center)
  • Musical Remigration: Schoenberg’s “A Survivor from Warsaw” in Postwar Europe – Joy Calico (Blair School of Music)
  • Investigating Ceremonial and Domestic Practices in the Terminal Prehispanic and Early Colonial Andes through Archaeological Ceramic Analysis – Steve Wernke (Anthropology)
  • Diet, Nutritional Status and Dental Health: A Bioarchaeological Study of Ancient Food Practices and their Health Effects in the Wari Empire of the Andes (AD 600-1000)  – Tiffany Tung (Anthropology)
  • The Link between Perspective Taking and Deficient Empathy in Psychopathy – Stephen Benning (Psychology)
  • Songs of Reconciliation: Music and Genocide in Rwanda (Central Africa) – Greg Barz (Blair School of Music)
  • Epic Manipulations: The Tabulae Iliacae in their Roman Context – David Petrain (Classical Studeies)
  • What Modern Was, What Modern Is: A Recorded Survey of Post 1950 Modern American Works for the Oboe, and the Commissioning of New Works – Jared Hauser (Blair School of Music)
  • Receptacle of the Sacred: Illustrated Manuscripts and the Buddhist Book-Cult in South Asia – Jinah Kim (History of Art)
  • Large Format Screenprinting at Vanderbilt – Mark Hosford (History)
  • Contesting Widowhood: Southern Black Women and the Post Emancipation State – Brandi Brimmer (History)
  • Aesthetics and Media: Word and Image in the Long 19th Century – Rachel Teukolsky (English)
  • New Book Project: Aesthetic Encounters in the British Atlantic World – Catherine Molineux (History)
  • Mehinaku Art: Social Change and the Evolution of an Aesthetic Tradition – Thomas Gregor (Anthropology)
  • Race, Ethnicity and Immigrant Acculturation in a New Immigrant Gateway – Katherine Donato (Sociology)
  • The Nashville Crucible: Out of the Workshops and into the Streets – Daniel Cornfield (Sociology)
  • Music, Authority, Community – Jennifer Lena (Sociology)
  • Two Studies of Greek Religion: Architectural Innovation and Cult Importation in Classical Greece –Bronwen Wickkiser (Classical Studies)
  • Funds to Cover Travel Expenses During Leave – Edward Friedman (Spanish & Portuguese)

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The 16 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2008 are listed below.

  • Realities and Representations: The 2008 U.S. Presidential Campaign – Bonnie Dow (Communication Studies)
  • Zellig Harris’s America: Linguistics, Zionism and Radical Politics – Bob Barsky (French & Italian)
  • Large Format Screenprinting at the Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgiium – Mark Hosford (Art)
  • A Linguistic Study of the Toponymy of Northern Catalonia (Roussillon): Joan Coromines’ Fieldbook XXV (1959-1960) of the Onomasticon Cataloniae – Philip Rasico (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Antique Highway – Michael Aurbach (Art)
  • Poetry and Apocalypse: Theological Disclosures of Poetic Language – William Franke (French & Italian)
  • The Birth of the Middle Class and the Rise of the Painted Panel in Early Modern Flanders – Jay Bloom (History of Art)
  • Publication of a Collection of Articles: Aspects of Ancient Greek Cult: Context-Ritual-Iconography – Bronwen Wickkiser (Classical Studies)
  • The Function of Tholoi at Delphi, Olympia, and Epidauros –  Bronwen Wickkiser (Classical Studies)
  • Musical Remigration: Schoenberg’s “A Survivor from Warsaw” in Postwar Europe – Joy Calico (Blair School of Music)
  • Islamic Republicanism in the English Imagination, 1660-1830 – Humberto Garcia (English)
  • The Troublesome Verse: The Gospel of John in 17th Century English Religious Culture from Anthony Wotton to John Locke – Paul Lim (Divinity School)
  • Animal Pedagogy: The Role of Animals in the Philosophy of “Man” – Kelly Oliver (Philosophy)
  • Singularity and Feminist Philosophy – Lisa Guenther (Philosophy)
  • Beyond our Beginnings: An Anthology of Essay and Memoir by Women Writers from Lower and Working Class Backgrounds – Lorraine Lopez (English)
  • God’s Other Life: A Study in the Doctrine of The Trinity, with Special Reference to Schleiermacher – Paul DeHart (Divinity School)

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The 14 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2007 are listed below.

  • Time After Time – David Wood (Philosophy)
  • Max Dellbury Centenary Celebration – John Wikswo (Physics & Astronomy)
  • Symposium Marking the 20th Anniversary of the Founding of the RPWC for the Humanities – Helmut Smith (History)
  • Archival Research in Four Presidential Libraries to Support Music and the Modern American Presidency – Melanie Lowe (Blair School of Music)
  • Music and the Performance of Manhood: Adult-Male Circumcision Rituals and HIV/AIDS in Uganda and South Africa – Greg Barz (Blair School of Music)
  • Getting Back on Track: Complete Work-in-Progress, Exhibitory Support and Documentation of Work – Michael Aurbach (Art)
  • The Ghetto Tax: The Redistribution of Wealth in Modern Society, 1974-2000 – Devin Fergus (History)
  • Understanding Latin America’s Subnational Transitions, 1980-2005 – Jonathan Hiskey (Political Science)
  • In Search of a New Identity: The Russian Intelligentsia and America in Post-Totalitarian Russia – Konstantin Kustanovich (German)
  • Q’Eqchi’ and Linguistic Diversity in Mayan: A Story on the Rise of New Dialects – Sergio Romero (Anthropology)
  • The Paris of Bricktop’s: African American Women in the City of Light – Tracy Sharpley-Whiting (African American & Diaspora Studies)
  • The Role of Scandal in Constructing Diva Personas: The Women of Salome (1905) and Elektra (1909)  – Joy Calico (Blair School of Music)
  • Images of Women, Female Deities and the Buddhist Book-Cult – Jinah Kim (Art)
  • Use of Reason, Revelation and Tradition in Anti-Trinitarian Debates of the 17th Century England – Paul Lim (Divinity School)

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The 15 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2006 are listed below.

  • The Cinema Dreams its Rivals: Media Fantasy Films from Radio to the Internet – Paul Young (English)
  • Modernism, Media and Propaganda: British Narrative from 1900 to 1950 – Mark Wollaeger (English)
  • Envisager Dieuavec Edmond Jabe’s – Nathalie Debrauwere-Miller (French & Italian)
  • The Color of Crime: Delinquency and Representation of Race in Brazilian Popular Culture – Emanuelle Oliveira (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Yemen Language School Tuition – Beverly Moran (Law School)
  • Pablo Picasso and Cubism in 1909 – Leonard Folgarait (History of Art)
  • Revolutions in Mexican Catholicism: Vision, Shrine and Society in Oaaca, 1887-1934 – Edward Wright-Rios (History)
  • Postwar Japan and Visions of Mass Consumer Society – Yoshikuni Igarashi (History)
  • Feminist Art and Sexual Trauma: Ending the Silence in Contemporary American Art – Vivien Fryd (History of Art)
  • Aesthetics of Violence: Representations of Authenticity in 20th Century German Literature – Christoph Zeller (German & Slavic Studies)
  • Sweet Sand of Time: A Culture History of Diabetes in the U.S. – Arleen Tuchman (History)
  • Writing in the Humanities  – Helmut Smith (History)
  • A Native American Peace System and Continuing Research in Brazil’s Upper Xingu – Thomas Gregor (Anthropology)
  • Juan Bautista Witten, Former Known as Big Prince: An African in the Age of Atlantic Revolutions – Jane Landers (History)
  • W.B. Yeats and the Idea of Democracy – Vereen Bell (English)

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The 10 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2005 are listed below.

  • Between Fact and Fiction: The 1930s Hollywood Chronicles of Israel Chas de Cruz and Olympio Guilherme – Jason Borge (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Barriers and Bridges: Immigrant Women and Work in Tennessee – Ronnie Steinberg (Sociology)
  • Songs of Imbalu: HIV and Adult-Male Circumcision Rituals in Uganda, East Africa – Greg Barz (Blair School of Music)
  • Sor Juana Inese de la Cruz and the Politics of Gender and Identity in the Baroque Culture of New Spain – Carlos Jauregui (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Brain Imaging of Adult Second Language Learners During Lexical Processing – Virginia Scott (French & Italian)
  • Do Micro-Credit Borrowing Groups Self-Segregate, and Along Which Dimensions – Christian Ahlin (Economics)
  • Writing the Metropole: Northern Nigerian Muslim Tourists in Britain and the Politics of Experiential Narration – Moses Ochonu (History)
  • Settlers, Creoles and the Re-enactment of History (conference) – Jonathan Lamb (English)
  • Brecht at the Opera – Joy Calico (Blair School of Music)
  • Science has No Sex: The Life of Marie Zakrzewska – Arlene Tuchman (History)

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The 12 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2004 are listed below.

  • Suspended Animation: The Art of Marilyn Murphy; a Mid-Career Survey Exhibition at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts – Marilyn Murphy (Art)
  • The Requirements of Kinship, German Enlightenment and the Nature of Community – Sara Eigen-Figal (Germanic & Slavic Languages)
  • Free Speech and Expression in the Work Place – Bruce Barry (Owen Graduate School of Management)
  • Fieldwork and the Jinci Shrine Complex for Book Manuscript Completion – Tracy Miller (Art & Art History)
  • Femininity and Intention in Early Modern England – Kathryn Schwarz (English)
  • Rebellion or Reform? The Critical Reception of the Sturm und Drang – John McCarthy (Germanic & Slavic Languages)
  • Hot Quarks 2004: Workshop for Young Scientists on the Physics of Ultra-Relativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collision (conference) – Julia Velkovska (Physics & Astronomy)
  • Von Neumann Algebras and Applications (conference) – Dietmar Bisch (Mathematics)
  • Maimonides and his Milieu (conference) – Lenn Goodman & Idit Dobbs-Weinstein (Philosophy)
  • Interpreting African American Life at Southern Historic Sites: Workshop on Belle Meade Plantation – Don Doyle & Richard Blackett (History)
  • Don Quixote: An Anniversary Celebration – Frederick Friedman (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Book Subvention: Beatriz Viterbo Editora – Jason Borge (Spanish & Portuguese)

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The 17 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2003 are listed below.

  • International Conference and Spring School on Noncommutative Geometry and Applications – Dietmar Bisch (Mathematics)
  • Muckraking in America, 1900-2000 – Cecelia Tichi (English)
  • Artist Book Project: A Museum Catalog of the Works of Marilyn Murphy to Accompany Survey Exhibition at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts – Marilyn Murphy (Art)
  • Disciplining Gender: Rhetorics of Sex Identity in Contemporary U.S. Culture – John Sloop (Communication Studies)
  • Queer Domesticities: Fiction, Form and Eros in Victorian Britain – Carolyn Dever (English)
  • Women’s Rights Activism and the Dismantling of the Patriarchal State – Holly McCammon (Sociology)
  • Sweet Sand of Time: A Cultural History of Diabetes in the U.S., 1922-present – Arleen Tuchman (History)
  • Imitating Schoolboys: An Essay in Shakespeare’s Emotions – Lynn Enterline (English)
  • Gender Under the Lens: Women, Literature and Early Modern Microscopy – Holly Tucker (French & Italian)
  • Nam, Nam: Paranoid Nationalism and the Dominican “Man-Eating Negro” – Carlos Jauregui (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • The Color of Crime: Afro-Brazilians’ Struggle from Social Criminality to Racial Awareness – Emanuelle Oliveira (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Journalism: Shaping Knowledge in the Information Age – Cecelia Tichi (English)
  • Enhancing Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Community-Based Research (conference) – Douglas Perkins (Human & Organizational Development
  • The Varieties of Pluralism – Robert Talisse (Philosophy)
  • Stakeholding at the Grassroots: Culture, Economy and Politics in Germany, Guatemala and the U.S. –Edward Fischer (Anthropology)
  • International Symposium on the Reception of George Buchner – Dieter Sevin (German & Slavic Languages)
  • Conference on Nationalism in the Atlantic World: The Americas and Europe, 1776-1919 – Don Doyle (History)

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