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Academic Archive Purchasing Fund

Eligibility and Process Requirements

  • All full-time, VU-employed and Provost-reporting faculty are eligible.
  • Proposals must include collaboration with a faculty member, a university librarian, and a museum representative. Teams and groups are welcome to apply.
  • The funding opportunity is open to all disciplines.
  • Award amounts will vary based on acquisition type.
  • Submissions are accepted at any time.

Funding Guidelines/Uses

  • Funding must be used to support acquiring an item or collection of items related to Vanderbilt and the museum’s mission.
  • Funds may be used to support the purchase of the acquisition and immediate preservation needs.
  • Funds are intended for collection-building acquisitions that enhance the depth and/or breath of Vanderbilt’s research holdings and potential for ongoing scholarship.

Application Process

  • All proposals must be submitted online using InfoReady Review, Vanderbilt’s online submissions portal.
  • Awards are announced on a monthly basis.
  • Questions about this program may be directed to Annie Hornung at

Application Components

  • Applicant information
    • Name
    • VUnetID
    • School or college
    • Department
    • Appointment title
  • Collaborator information (up to 5 collaborators are permitted)
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Title
    • School or college
  • Proposal title
  • Proposal abstract (up to 200 words) – Include an overview of the acquisition or collection requested, including item type(s), vendor information, and importance to your field of study, the museum, and Vanderbilt University.
  • Acquisition request (up to 500 words) – Describe the acquisition or collection requested, including nature, format (e.g. artifact, audio, print), scope, condition, rarity or uniqueness.
  • Mission fulfillment (up to 500 words) – Discuss how the acquisition advances the university’s mission as well as the museum’s mission, Vanderbilt’s Academic Strategic Plan priorities, and research and discovery capabilities for faculty at Vanderbilt. Also note the Vanderbilt departments and colleges likely to use the acquisition.
  • Processing requirements (up to 300 words) – Indicate the requirements and processing necessary to make the acquisition accessible, as well as a timeline for the processing and the rationale for that timeline. If relevant, discuss the acquisition’s long-term sustainability and preservation needs. Include details on the item or collection’s copyright conditions and any plans to share the work broadly.
  • Timing Constraints (up to 200 words) – If applicable, discuss any timing constraints.
  • Uploads
    • Bibliography of item or collection, including an inventory, item list, and dealer description.
    • Itemized budget, including immediate conservation, preservation, and/or storage costs.
    • Optional: Endorsements from deans, departmental chairs, experts in the field (whether at Vanderbilt or elsewhere), or librarians.