Calendar Standing Committee

Address plans for and coordination of the annual academic calendar of the colleges and schools of Vanderbilt University.

Reports to: Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

2019-2020 Committee Members

Administrative/Ex Officio Members:

Represent all schools, Student Life, Athletics; University Registrar is permanent Chair. 

  • Bart Quinet, university registrar, Office of the University Registrar; chair;  
  • Roger Moore, associate dean, principle senior lecturer, English, College of Arts and Science;
  • Matthew King, senior associate university registrar, Office of the University Registrar;
  • Betsey Karounos, Assistant Director of Academic Programs and Student Life, Owen Graduate School of Management
  • Walt Bieschke, program coordinator, Graduate School Admissions;
  • Anita Wager, Associate Chair, Peabody
  • Victor Judge, academic dean for academic affairs, lecturer, Divinity School;
  • Logan Key, director, Office of Student Records, School of Medicine;
  • Tamika Hudson, assistant dean for student affairs, assistant professor of Nursing, School of Nursing;
  • Melissa Rose, associate dean, associate professor of piano, Blair School of Music;
  • Jasmin Felton, Director of Academic Life, Law
  • Mark Bandas, associate provost and dean of students, Office of the Dean of Students;
  • Cynthia Paschal, Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education,           School of Engineering
  • Martin Salamone, associate director, Athletics;
  • Heather Marabeti, associate vice chancellor, Development and Alumni Relations;
  • Molly Thompson, associate university registrar.


  • Nancy Hyer, associate dean of MBA programs, associate professor of operations management, Owen Graduate School of Management;
  • Betty Lee, associate dean, academic services, Office of the Dean, Peabody College.

Faculty Members:

  • Corbette Doyle, senior lecturer, organizational leadership, Peabody College;
  • Ginny Moore, director, women’s health NP specialty, School of Nursing;
  • Brian Fitzpatrick, professor of Law, Law School;
  • Greg Walker, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering,
    Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering


  • Frances Burton, undergraduate;
  • Nico Gardner, undergraduate;
  • Puja Jagasia, undergraduate;
  • Kelsea Best, graduate; and
  • Ying Liu, graduate.