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Provost’s Sexual Misconduct Prevention Committee (PSMPC)


The Provost’s Sexual Misconduct Prevention Committee supports evidence-based policies and practices for addressing and preventing all forms of sexual misconduct.  The PSMPC includes faculty members from all Provost-reporting schools.  The Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, the Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives, and a faculty member on the Steering Committee on Initiatives Affecting Women serve ex officio.



Jessica Clarke, Professor of Law, FedEx Research Professor

Elizabeth Covington, Principal Senior Lecturer of English

Gautam Hans, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law

Lisa Monteggia, Professor of Pharmacology

Michelle Murray, Associate Professor of Spanish

Kimberly Pace, Professor of the Practice of Management

Courtney Peterson, Principal Senior Lecturer of Medicine, Health, and Society

Veronika Krepley Pool, Professor of Finance

Maria Romero Ramos, Assistant Professor of the Practice in Violin and Baroque Violin

Ann Tate, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

Arleen Tuchman, Nelson O. Tyron, Jr. Chair in History

Pamela Waynick-Rogers, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Isaac West, Associate Professor of Communications Studies

Cara Tuttle Bellex officio, Director of the Project Safe Center

Franklin Ellis, Jr.ex officio, Director for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Tracey George, ex officio, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Mary E. Roy, ex officio, Director of Title IX and Title IX Coordinator