Future of the Libraries


The Future of the libraries committee was charged to develop a vision for the direction of the Vanderbilt Libraries, outlining how the library can most effectively support the research and teaching needs of Vanderbilt University, guided by the recently announced Academic Strategic Plan for the university.


  • Nancy Godleski, associate university librarian for collections, Jean and Alexander Heard Library; co-chair;
  • William Hook, associate dean of libraries, divinity library professor of the practice, theological librarianship, Divinity School; co-chair;
  • James Hudnut-Beumler, Anne Potter Wilson Distinguished Professor of American Religious History, Divinity School; co-chair;
  • Cliff Anderson, associate university librarian for research and learning, Jean and Alexander Heard Library;
  • Clifford A. Ball, professor, finance and statistics, Owen Graduate School of Management;
  • James Booth, professor, political science, College of Arts and Science;
  • Krystal Clark, director, student leadership development; Office of the Dean of Students;
  • Daniel B. Cornfield, Harvie Branscomb Distinguished Professor, sociology, College of Arts and Science;
  • Hilary Craiglow, director, Walker Management Library;
  • Marcia Eppelbaum, senior information scientist, Center for Knowledge Management, Medical Center;
  • Lindsey Fox, GIS goordinator, scholarly communications, Vanderbilt Library;
  • Guilherme A.R. Gualda, associate professor, Earth and environmental sciences, College of Arts and Science;
  • Lutz Koepnick, chair, German, Russian, and east European studies; Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Professor of German, Cinema and Media Arts, College of Arts and Science;
  • Julie Loder, e-resources librarian, electronic resources, Jean and Alexander Heard Library;
  • Melanie Lowe, associate professor, musicology, Blair School of Music;
  • Melanie Lutenbacher, associate professor, School of Nursing;
  • Clare M McCabe, associate dean for postdoctoral affairs, Graduate school; director, graduate studies for chemical and biomolecular engineering, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Engineering, School of Engineering;
  • Bonnie M. Miller, executive vice president of educational affairs, senior associate dean for health sciences education, School of Medicine;
  • Pamela Morgan, librarian, collection development, James and Alexander Heard Library;
  • Ann Neely, associate professor of the practice, teaching and learning, Peabody College;
  • Keegan Osinski, circulation assistant, public services, Jean and Alexander Heard Library;
  • Larry Reeves, associate dean and director, Massey Law Library; associate professor of law, Law School;
  • Jacob Schaub, music cataloger, Wilson Music Library;
  • Daniel Sharfstein, co-director, George Barrett Social Justice Program, Tarkington Chair of Teaching Excellence, professor, Law School;
  • Holling Smith-Bourne, director, Wilson Music Library;
  • Sandra G Stahl, assistant provost, Office of Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education;
  • Alvin Strauss, professor, mechanical engineering, School of Engineering;
  • Rick Stringer-Hye, librarian, Earth and environmental science and civil and environmental engineering, Science and Engineering Library; and
  • Jim Toplon, manager, interlibrary loan services, Jean and Alexander Heard Library.

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