Vice Provosts, Deans and Assistants

Office of the Provost:  615-322-4219

C. Cybele Raver, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Vice Provosts


G.L. Black, VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Assistant: Mindy Ireland, 615-322-6400
Doug Christiansen, VP for University Enrollment Affairs and Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid
Assistant: Heidi Basgall Favorite, 615.343.0755
André Christie-Mizell, VP for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate School
Assistant: Karen Byrd, 615-343-0599
Tracey George, VP for Faculty Affairs
Assistant:  Sonya Hubbard
Padma Raghavan, VP for Research and Innovation
Assistant:  Alex Hargett, 615-343-1339
Alex Sevilla, VP for Career Advancement and Engagement
Assistant: LaTisha Moore
Tracy Sharpley-Whiting, VP for Arts and Libraries
Assistant: Beth Porter
Tiffiny Tung, VP for Undergraduate Education
Assistant: Brenda Kole

Provost Finance Team

Kurt Shepherd, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Finance
Assistant: Auvon St. Louis,
Jennifer Gourley, Director of Finance, Provost Central

Provost Communications

Sydney Jones-Wright, Associate Director of Executive Communications, Division of Communications & Marketing
Ben Khouri, Director of Executive Communications, Division of Communications & Marketing


College of Arts & Science:  Interim Dean, Timothy McNamara
Assistant:  Kelly Morgan
Senior Executive Coordinator: Danny Coradazzi, 615-322-2851
Blair School:  Dean, Melissa K. Rose
Assistant: Presley Townsend, 615-322-3120
Divinity School:  Dean, Yolanda Pierce
Assistant:  Victoria Dorward, 615-343-3966
School of Engineering:  Dean, Krishnendu Roy
Assistant:  Nafizah Abney, 615-875-9938
Law School:  Dean, Chris Guthrie
Assistant:  Abbie Wolf
Owen School:  Dean, Thomas J. Steenburgh
Assistant: Carla Sanders, 615-322-2223
Peabody College:  Dean, Camilla Persson Benbow
Assistant:  Scott Gubala
School of Nursing:  Dean, Pamela R. Jeffries
Assistant: Debbie Hill, 615-322-3368
School of Medicine/Basic Sciences:  Dean, John Kuriyan
Assistant:  Anne Lara, 615-322-0907

VUMC Administration

Dr. Jeff Balser, President and CEO, VUMC; Dean of the School of Medicine
Executive Assistant: Debbie Fischer, 615-936-3030,
Chief of Staff:  Robyn Cosby, 615-322-4224,
Dr. Donald Brady, Senior Associate Dean, Health Sciences Education, VU/VUMC
Assistant: Geraldina “Gina” Rahmani,